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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by IceCube

REVIEW: Dead Space 3

Summary: A terrifying, third-person, deep-space shooter returns where main protagonist, Isaac Clarke can’t catch a break. This time his space shuttle crash-lands on the home snow planet of the nail-gnawing space-mutants (Necromorphs) who have been trying to splatter his guts.

The Good:  You can optionally play co-operatively with a mate online as a second character, which rewards you with additional firepower, story and cut-scenes. Weapon crafting is also a new bonus, where you collect scrap from dead enemies, and gradually piece together your ultimate weapon of alien-limb disemboweling. Does a better job at explaining the story.

The Bad: Despite a conceited effort to keep the scares alive and well, it is definitely more action thrills than chills. Lacks the tension and eeriness from the previous games, and it’s not the addition of co-op that does this. With human cultists living on this planet, it felt more like strolling through downtown Detroit than an alien planet. Enemies don’t go down logically like they used to.

Final Word: Silky-smooth gameplay and regular tense moments kept us glued in grotesque fascination to the screen. It’s definitely more action than the previous games – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but drives away player engagement. Overall, not as great as the first two games.

REVIEW: Dead Space 3 IceCube

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