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REVIEW: Aliens Colonial Marines

Summary: A ball-shrinking, first-person shooter based on the horror sci-fi Alien films, bursts out of the big-screen and on to consoles. You’re an armed ‘n dangerous colonial marine, trapped in alien-infested situations on an untold story based from the films, with a pulse rifle in one hand and a bleeping motion-tracker in the other.

The Good:  You’ll come across plenty of “I know that bit” moments, like Bishop’s lower torso and lockers with all the names of the troops from the films. The attention to film authenticity is sharper than Hudson’s one-liners, and those classic sound effects get a fan-service tick. Multiplayer lets you play the bad guy and see what it’s like to stalk your shit-scared mates from the shadows.

The Bad: Graphics are very simple and – for inexplicable reasons – look worse than what we saw in the demo. Those vicious, alien stalkers are totally petrifying in the films, but behave more like a pack of small, pesky puppies here. Lacks the key suspense from the movies.

Final Word: For years we’ve waited for a great Aliens game, and sadly, this is not it. While there’s a lot of attention to detail, it really lacks the key suspense we were hoping for amidst the fast, arcade-like approach. Gearbox Software is great at the wild and crazy first-person shooter (Borderlands 2), but a game like this would be better left for a team like Visceral (Dead Space).


REVIEW: Aliens Colonial Marines IceCube

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