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REVIEW: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Summary: The old third-person, stealth-based series returns with an all-new kickass action makeover. No longer a brooding, moustachio’d mullet-man, you now play as Raiden, a blade-wielding ninja cyborg. Following his debut in the previous game (MGS4), this “unique” private military contractor gets destroyed and reconstructed into an advanced, Japanese Robocop.

The Good: The action is fast and insane! By flicking the right stick on the controller your lightning blade will slice-n-dice targets (fruit, flesh or metal) in any angle you strike. It’s great for creating meaty cold-cuts out of fleshy militants, or carving arty sculptures out of heavy tanks if you’ve got the time. The weirdness of old remains with bizarre plotlines and creepy bots with humanoid limbs. Also, those lengthy, snooze-worthy cutscenes of old are much more merciful this time ’round.

The Bad: The sword-slashing controls are unique, but difficult to use mid-combat because you can’t move as you strike. As such, you tend to fight using simple two-button strikes instead, leading to a feeling like you’re not “doing it right”. A good story is weakened by cheesy dialogue between characters. Scenery is dull.

Final Word: It’s the fastest, ballsiest and bloodiest Metal Gear game ever, and the sword slicing control scheme is a tricky-but-very cool shake-up the series needed. We know this is a “one-off” game, so it doesn’t matter so much that the traditional heavy dose of stealth is gone. If crazy action is your thing you don’t want to miss this.

REVIEW: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance IceCube

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