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REVIEW: Tomb Raider

Summary: The world’s sexiest treasure hunter, Lara Croft (no disrespect, Drakey) makes a drool-worthy return in a radically-new third-person, outdoor survival adventure. Set as a prequel to the series, young Lara is shipwrecked and wakes up on a mysterious jungle island where she’s forced to learn how to survive. This poses a variety of challenges like hunting, climbing and killing.

The Good: Lara Croft looks hotter and more realistic than ever. As you desperately fight your way trough, Lara will earn XP and gain survival skills and weapon upgrades. The setting is a brutally dark atmosphere that’s scarier than Sarah Jessica-Parker without makeup. Every action you do throughout the game appears unique, and it’s all very cinematic and seamless like the Uncharted games. This is mostly about the pains of survival, but there’s a decent amount of puzzles scattered around too.

The Bad: A four-on-four, online multiplayer mode has been roped-in, but it’s totally unnecessary. You play the Survivors versus the Scavengers, and it’s a mix of traversing and shooting in a few different modes. If we were looking at a mud-wrestling match between 8 different Lara’s, then you’d have our attention.

Final Word: Yeah, we were sick of the same old Tomb Raider games too, but this reboot is totally unlike anything before. Lara looks absolutely ass-tounding, with jaw-droppingly realistic motion capture. All her ouchy wounds make you cringe for her pain (yeah… sorry about dropping you off those cliffs, Lara). Even the puzzles are far more interesting. Good luck putting this one down – it’s AMAZING.

REVIEW: Tomb Raider IceCube

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