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REVIEW: Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk

Summary: The Atelier series is back for it’s 4th installment, this time lead by the cute alchemist Ayesha. Following the supposed death of her little sister, Ayesha is thrown into the world of Alchemy in a desperate attempt to save her in a race against time.

The Good: From the start of the game you are welcomed with beautiful art and an even better sound track. The game is notably smoother than its rather-stilted predecessors whilst the emotive and beautiful story keeps you coming back for more. With a simpler system to master, you are left free to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

The Bad: Veterans to the series may be disappointed with the simplified Alchemy system, and the time limit for alchemy would be quite confronting for new players. Also, Japanese Audio with English subs is no longer an option. The changes seem aimed at inspiring new fans to the series, but it seems more likely to just annoy the regular fans.

Final Word: This game boasts better art and music than ever before while using a vastly more accessible Alchemy system for people new to the Atelier series. This could be disappointing for fans who invested countless hours understanding a fairly complicated system. They may even feel dudded by the lack of control and options. However, for us, Atelier Ayesha’s beauty comes from the soundtrack, atmosphere and story.

Open your Imagination to the world of Atelier Ayesha – The Alchemist of Dusk.

REVIEW: Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Sir Grim-Dix

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