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5 Things the Wii U Must Do!

Since the launch of the Wii-U on Nov 30, 2012, sales were unexpectedly low. In January 2013, only 57,000 units were sold in the US. By comparison, the original Wii sold 435,000 units in January 2007, which was also two months after launch. Their sales projections for 2013 are now down by 17 percent, from 5.5 million to 4 million.

So what can Nintendo do to pick things up? Here’s five things that would appeal to us if we didn’t already have a Wii-U:

1) More Games!

We all love a bit of Mario and Zelda, but ease-up a little, okay? Nintendo is rightfully loyal to their brand names, but they need to shift their focus to new game ideas. The Wii U tech is now HD, and good enough to compete with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles. Time to start working on some new Nintendo exclusives and generate a bit of buzz, and a true reason for “core gamers” to own the console.

2) Women and Children First!

It’s great that Nintendo feels confident enough to recapture their long-lost core audience – but don’t forget who pays the bills. Women gamers and young children embraced the original Wii concept, which got people off the couch and moving about. “Jumping” on to this all-new demographic was nothing shy of a genius strategy, which somewhat rescued Nintendo, before leading to record-breaking sales figures. Right now, there’s not much reason for that market to upgrade to the Wii-U.

3) Give us the Key!

Our consoles are region locked, so you can only play whatever games your country provides you with (in Australia’s case, that would be a Mario game, a Zelda game, and a bunch of other games we finished months ago). Meanwhile, Asia, Europe and America receive an additional mix of the loot spoils, most of which you don’t even know exists. Aussie gamers have money, which can be used in exchange for goods and services. Let them buy games from you, and you can stay in business for longer.

4) Don’t Get Lost in Translation!

Japan has quite a lot of Nintendo games, while the rest of the world does not. That’s because nobody bothers to translate the bloody things to English. The majority of these games are of an anime nature, and developers probably feel that it wouldn’t sell outside of Asia. But with an audience pleading (demanding!) for something other than another Mario Kart – and downloadable games as an option instead of retail – there’s no excuse for the laziness.

5) Don’t Slack Off!

It’s easy to have a big launch, but you’ll crash and burn if you can’t keep the flow of content streaming through. For the meantime, the Wii U GamePad is a nice advantage, and I’ve actually found myself pre-ordering Wii U versions of some games that will be available for all three consoles, just so I can toy with the second screen. But very soon Sony and Microsoft will be launching their next-gen titles, leaving Nintendo behind again. This is where Nintendo’s new IP’s are essential. They don’t need to try to compete with Call of Duty, nor are they stuck with Mario rehashes. They just need to do their own unique games you can’t get elsewhere, particularly for those core gamers.  Those games will make owning a Wii U essential – not just an optional extra.

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