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REVIEW: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

Summary: A sequel to the first-person shooter that is once again “aimed” at taking-out terrorists with sniper rifles from far, far away. You now have binoculars and thermo-vision goggles, which are super-handy at surveying the land. As you kill in the single-player campaign, you earn badges which can unlock weapons in multiplayer.

The Good: Running on the new CryEngine 3 graphics, this snappy shooter looks slicker than before. It’s nice for watching slow-mo’ bullets sink into terrorist’s craniums from afar. The main characters are surprisingly relatable, and the bad guys are a little smarter and more realistic than before, so there’s no more bulls-eyes from assault rifles across the map.

The Bad: The graphics may look better, but still doesn’t match other shooters today. Also, the gameplay is occasionally glitchy. After a while, each area you move to feels like a repetitive shooting gallery. Our biggest conundrum is over the multiplayer; didn’t anyone realise that it might become a problem when everybody is camping?

Final Word: While it’s an upgrade from the previous game, it certainly doesn’t match the standard of most other shooters out there today. If you can grumble your way past the small gameplay irritations caused by glitches, the plot is quite enjoyable to blast through – one bullet at a time.

REVIEW: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 IceCube

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