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Our Top 10 Characters

So now that we’ve counted down our personal favourite games of this generation we thought it was time to add our favourite characters to the charts. Although we haven’t limited ourselves to this generation on this occassion, we did discover that the current gen is incredibly rich with talent so it was hard to stray. See who we decided were our personal favs…


Ice Cube

Pi Chan


DMC (Devil May Cry)
Alicia Claus
Bullet Witch
LOZ: Ocarina of Time
This urban, castaway-turned-mystic found her purpose by aiding Dante and Vergil on their demon-ridding missions. She’s a very relatable character, who found a goal in life despite hardships, and looks wicked in that hoodie and denim shorts combo. Dark witch in gothic attire kicking ass with a rifle twice her size. I mean, what’s not to like. Being one of the earlier titles on Xbox 360, she was in a league of her own in the early days. To be honest I am still a little unsure why I am so intrigued with her but watching old gameplay footage of bullet witch fills me with a re-invigorated love for Alicia. My dark, witchy mistress of the night. I know I’m not the only one. A big part of me really wanted Link to end up with Malon. Instead she ended up, alone, with her narcoleptic father and a bunch of chickens. At least she had a horse – until you took it! Damn princesses!
Alice: Madness Returns
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
Miranda Lawson
Mass Effect 2+3
The Alice in this game is much darker than the one we know from Lewis Carroll’s books. She’s literally insane and battling her own inner-demons just to stay alive. Beneath the bloody-knife-wielding exterior is a sweet girl who just wants to be set free, and that inner strength is what is appealing. Hailing from the Death Cram School in Shinovi Versus. Shiki, like the rest of the characters in any Senran Kagura title doesn’t lack in the rack department. The hot and seductive witch flaunts herself with her exploding clothes that spend more time in tatters than on her. Lets face it she’s my number 9 because she smoking hot and her clothes are removable. You either love her or you’re jealous of her. The thing I like the most about Miranda, is that the geniuses over at Bioware decided that the ‘genetically perfect woman’, other than the obvious, was also an Aussie.
Max Payne
Max Payne 3
Miranda Lawson
Mass Effect 2+3
Urdnot Wrex
Mass Effect 1,2+3
Poor ol’ Max is a long-suffering ex-cop who, after the murder of his wife, became a chronic drunkard. Without any will to live, he carries a gun towards the face of death every day, hoping that if were to die today, he’d at least take some scumbags down with him. Respect! Created as the perfect female in a skin-tight white body suit, there weren’t many men who weren’t excited at the prospect of having a relationship with this lethal brunette.  Miranda ticks many boxes and as per the game story, was designed too. And so you encounter your first Krogan, and what a Krogan. Wrex the biggest, ugliest bad-ass in the galaxy who just so happens to also be the best damn squadmate. You were right, we did get along Wrex, we really did.
Alicia Claus
Bullet Witch
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F
John ‘Soap’ MacTavish
COD: Modern Warfare
This raven-haired gunslinger not only blasts monsters with oversized arm cannons, but she’s also a natural spell-caster as a modern-day witch. She certainly has fighting spirit, but inside is a quiet girl with a gentle side. The Vocaloid that literally defined Japanese pop culture around the world. As a design she is unique, cute and comes to life in her dance routines on our big and portable screens. This iconic Japanese Idol has won over hearts around the world and her steps towards world domination grows ever larger as more and more people discover the incredible movement known as Miku. We went through a lot together Soap. Veteran was no walk in the park but we got there in the end. Under 19 seconds through the training grounds? Are you kidding me? But we did it. I miss you, Soap.
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Legacy of Kaine Soul Reaver
Chris Redfield
Resident Evil 5+6
Enslaving your main character with a mind gadget, Trip is kinda irritating at the start of the game. But this gentle red-head is so lovable that she quickly becomes someone you want to protect, not someone you’re forced to. Raziel is our un-dead vampiric Soul Reaver. With a bad-ass vendetta for Kain, Raziel destroys his breathern without hesitation in the most brutal of fashions imaginable. Demon slaying with pure hatred. May nothing stand in his way. He is my hero. I don’t really have any logical reasoning as to why Chris is on my list other than the fact that this was the first time I really enjoyed a game simply for having something to look at.
Lara Croft
Tomb Raider
Princess Solange Blanchefleur de Lux
Code of Princess
Conrad Roth
Tomb Raider
This list wouldn’t be complete without the British bombshell, and it’s a cumulative shout-out for all Lara’s throughout her gaming evolution. After all, she’s been a part of my own gaming evolution, from epic boobs, to dodgy, third-party nude patches, and now the kickass Tomb Raider reboot. Princess Solange Blanchefleur comes in at number 5, just because I respect her intelligence… Or other motion prone objects. Swinging a massive sword, our butt kicking well rounded princess smashes her enemies without losing an ounce of elegance. Roth was the kind of character I love, a true supporter and protector of the hero that doesn’t complain or get in the way by tripping over themselves. Also doesn’t hurt that he’s not so bad to look at… for an old(er) guy.
John Marston
Red Dead Redemption
Final Fantasy X
Lara Croft
Tomb Raider
I never gave a damn about cowboys until I “met” this gunslinger in the west. He’s not pretty, and had done some bad things in his life, but he tries to put those demons behind him by making things right. Evil finds him wherever he goes, but he fights-on regardless, even when the world tries to stop him. What a dude. Yuna from Final Fantasy X, no not part X-2, comes in at number 4 as my favourite character from the entire final fantasy franchise. She is graceful, beautiful and leads a powerful romance throughout this game, not to mention the tragedy that is Yuna’s story. She summons aeons with grace and manipulates opinions with her influence. Yuna is the main reason Final Fantasy X was such an amazing game. I once saw Lara on a list of most overrated characters of all time. This list was written by a girl. What? Lara is the reason female characters are even considered for lead roles in games. Overrated? I think not. I must remedy this by putting her here.
Billie Church
Clive Barker’s Jericho
Dragon Age: Origins
Chibi Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku + Future Stars: Project Mirai
Church is a silent killer and one of your members on Jericho squad, who uses handgun, katana and blood magic to aid you on your way. Also, she looks smokin’-hot in that black leather cat suit. Even though Morrigan never approved, I approved of her. With a fiery confidence and bewitching sex appeal who wouldn’t love her. If for nothing else, she hates Alistair and that’s good enough for me. The epitome of a fangirl squee ^______^! This Chibi Miku made me import a Japanese 3DS. Curse you Chibi Miku. Squee! Oh there I go again.
Faye Lee
Binary Domain
Dead or Alive 5
Captain David Anderson
Mass Effect 1,2+3
I’m in love. Yep, there I said it. I spent more time using the communication options to sweet-talk this babe into my good books, than fending-off attackers. It’s tough to go into further detail without giving away plot spoilers, but worth playing yourself to test your own emotions. Kasumi, the ass kicking ninja that defined sexiness in fighters. Dead or alive 5 has seen to a revamp in the aesthetics of Kasumi and now she looks better than ever. The creators of Kasumi in DOA 5 have done everything right. She is stylish, sexy, lethal and iconic. Kasumi has been one of my favourite characters for as long as I care to remember.
Here stands the pillar of Mass Effect. Much like Roth, he put all his faith in you and stood by you ‘till the end. I loved him in the novels and I loved him in the games. I loved him almost as much as I loved…
Adam Jensen
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Lightning (Claire Farron)
Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2
This master of masculine poses broods with perpetual coolness. Those cyborg implants, dark glasses, black leather cloak and fine-trimmed goatee has awesomeness of the future nailed. Kainé the sexy, bad-ass female clad in some of the most iconic and raunchy outfits of all time. There wasn’t a straight male alive that didn’t have to double take when the game zoomed in on her butt. Coupled with this, she had a bass-ass personality and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Quick to anger with a heart sinkingly dark and tragic back story. Kainé succeeded to capture everything that I love in a great character and then some. If ONLY she wasn’t technically a man… 🙁
Lightning, the only character I have ever liked before playing the game they starred in. I loved her determination and dedication. I loved that she would stop at nothing to save her sister. And if that wasn’t enough, punching Snow in the face was the icing on the cake.

So there you have it. Who are your top 10 characters? Do you agree with any or all of our choices? Have your say below.

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