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REVIEW: Bioshock Infinite

Summary: It’s hard not to fall for Columbia from the moment you float into town. This first-person shooter welcomes you with stunning visuals and a mood setting, vintage soundtrack that compliment each other perfectly. You know little about your journey here, but quickly learn that this will all start to unravel as the game progresses.

The Good: The story is told both directly and indirectly through passing conversations, collectable voxophones and random scene accessories like posters and PA announcements. This is great because it gives you a reason other than trophy/achievement hunting to explore the city. I was admittedly uneasy about tackling the skylines, but they were actually easy and fun to use. Unarguably the best part however, is that your companion, Elizabeth, is actually useful. There’s no need to protect her and she supplies you with all sorts of goodies in and out of battle. You’ll miss her when she’s not around.

The Bad:  On the odd occasion the dialogue audio becomes quieter than the background noises making it hard to hear the conversation in parts. I had to turn on subtitles to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. And where the default control scheme is good for the ‘vigor lovers’ it’s tricky to handle for sharpshooters, with the ‘right stick click’ as your scope zoom. I would suggest tinkering with your settings before diving in.

Final Word: With a slew of brilliant first person shooters leading up to Bioshock Infinite’s release I had exceptionally high expectations and was not disappointed. Bioshock Infinite delivers on EVERY level and will undoubtedly be classified as one of the masterpieces of this generation.

REVIEW: Bioshock Infinite pea

Summary: Summary: 1 = Poor, 2 = Average, 3 = Good, 4 = Great, 5 = Amazing


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