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REVIEW: Dead or Alive 5 Plus

Summary: Dead or Alive 5 Plus is a PS Vita port of the popular Team Ninja title Dead or Alive 5. The port boasts some impressive new features to the original PS3 title. With new training modes, the intricacies of the game are explained in much more detail and the courses they run you through will have any noob a DOA pro in no time. Not to mention the touch fighting and breast motion control in cut scenes that really take advantage of the PS Vita’s unique features. But will Xbox fans be as happy with this release when they realise they can’t sync their DOA5 profile and DLC costumes between their Xbox and Vita?

The Good: DOA5 Plus is an incredible port. The graphics and cut scenes are fantastic and the motion fluid. The extra modes allow you to really dig deeper into the mechanics of the DOA franchise. Not only does the game boast additions to the standard features it also takes full advantage of the PS Vita functionality. You see this through touch screen interactions with all your favorite female characters “upper regions” (yes you read that right) and touch fights where you fight in first person. If this isn’t enough, they have also taken further advantage of the PS Vita to PS3 union by allowing you to sync your hard earned fighter profile from one system to the other.

Yes the PS Store also allows you to download all of your DLC costumes you have spent more than the games value on to your Vita for free. Sorry Xbox fans Microsoft doesn’t love you, please see below.

The Bad: Mmmmmm. The only negative I found was the game was a little harder to play when the screen is attached to the controller. A common problem with portable fighters as the screen moves when you pummel the device. Also the in game graphics are a bit of a downgrade from its console counterparts. For Xbox 360 users, the major downside for you, is that you will not be able to sync your fighter account between your Vita and Xbox 360.

Final Word: DOA5 Plus is more than just a port it is more like Dead or Alive 5.5 with more additional content than you can poke a sword at. Team Ninja delivers the goods with this title and if you were already a fan of DOA you won’t be disappointed. Who wouldn’t want a copy of Kasumi in their back pocket.

REVIEW: Dead or Alive 5 Plus Sir Grim-Dix

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