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REVIEW: Metro: Last Light

Summary: This dark and dinghy first-person shooter and direct sequel to Metro 2033 is set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of a radiation-sapped Russian motherland. Once again you’re finding a way to survive underground in the dark, smelly metro system of Moscow. Sharing your sewer accommodation are flatmates from hell: a growing revolution of neo-nazi’s and a variety of vicious mutant monsters. With resources running out and the ongoing threat of civil war and mutant attacks, your one chance of peace is by finding a mysterious prisoner.

The Good: Graphics and attention to detail is high as they nailed the gun reloads and nice visual touches like smudged eyewear which your characters wipes when dirty. There’s also randomly-intricate sound effects and fine texture, like rust and scratches on objects and creases on clothing. It shows off some of the best lighting effects we’ve seen in any game, with realistic flares from enemy weapon light attachments, soft projection from torches, and smart natural light effects. You’re able to step outside with protective gear on a bit more this time, which not only makes the game more diverse, but breaks up that claustrophobic, linear feeling you get when marching down the same pitch black tunnels over and over.

The Bad: Drab colours are fine for setting the mood, but this game takes murky to a whole new level of murk. Most sullen areas give you the option of removing the light source so you can sneak around without being seen, but you are often spotted illogically, and find yourself in gunfights where all you can see is blackness and moving flares. The story has a bit more going on this time ’round and there’s a better variety of events to encounter, but like the previous game it’s extremely dull struggles to keep you very engaged with snooze-worthy characters and direction.

Final Word: Hiding behind a veil of darkness is a visually astounding game, with a great amount of detail put into refining the intricacies of the senses. Shooting is smooth and feels great, even though you’re shooting blind down pitch-black corridors most of the time. The game is broken-up better and there’s fewer linear moments than before. It feels like a dank version of the shooter series, Killzone, with nice graphics and familiar gas masked, Nazi-Russians, but it inevitably suffers from sullenness overload, awful characters and a lot of mindless, unmotivated shooting.

REVIEW: Metro: Last Light IceCube

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