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GLiTCH plays: Fuse

Hi guys, GLiTCH here again!

I was lucky enough to visit the EA office to play a preview of the upcoming third-person co-op shooter, Fuse! Please remember that these are early impressions based on an unfinished product.

If you haven’t been following, Fuse is a wild and crazy third-person shooter, where your four-strong team of misfit mercs try to stop the evil Raven corporation from stealing alien material.

There’s four characters to choose from and mine was the raven-haired bombshell, Naya Deveraux, the team’s stealth specialist and former assassin. Her primary weapon is a Warp Rifle, an automatic weapon that can fire small black holes that pulls groups of enemies and implodes.


Three other friends were playing co-op with me as the remaining team mates: Dalton, Isabelle and Jacob, each with their own unique advantages and weapons. Had I played single-player, the CPU would have controlled those guys. Together we were on a mission to shoot stuff – namely armored foot soldiers, mechs and other ‘bots.

From the get-go, this shooter was wild and explosive, but at the same time it kept me engaged with a cool story. It was well-marketed as a “slapstick” action game loaded with mix of action and humour, but we couldn’t help but notice it was much more serious than silly. This wasn’t a bad thing, just not quite what we expected.

While the action is heavy, it never got dull or overly repetitive. Each combat area we entered required creative team strategies to overcome the weight of numbers against you, which is great.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good the main characters look and how smoothly they move around the playing field. They run well and take cover nicely. There are times when we could scale walls, shimmy and descend, ala; Tomb Raider. In comparison this felt a bit stiff, but still, it’s nice to have climbing as part of the game.


The team spent lots of time behind Dalton’s Energy Shield, which is a gun that fires a see-through umbrella barrier in front of us and repels incoming bullets. Whoever plays Dalton should be using this a lot, as he’s kinda like that essential healer class in MMO’s.

Interestingly, there’s times mid-combat where your characters have some kind of “brain attack”, where you drop to your knees and roll to a “secret” cutscene about your past, while the others continue shooting. While this sounds like it could be irritating, we thought it was another great way to mix things up and increase the challenge of combat. It only happens rarely and gives you insight into your characters past that only you will see, leaving other players to wonder what info they might have just missed out on. These scenes last for about 30-seconds or so.

Larger enemies require different tactics to take them down. For example, the biped mechs are invincible up front but vunerable from behind – if you can get there. Defeating them requires not only spreading out and flanking, but using “agro” to draw them and hoping at least one of your partners is ready to strike while you distract.


We walked away more excited for this game than before and feel confident that the final version of the game offers all this and more.

Look out for FUSE  when it hits the shelves on May 31st, 2013

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