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REVIEW: Resident Evil: Revelations HD

Available on: PC, PS3, Wii U, XB360

Summary: Blast zombies on the big-screen with this third-person, survival horror shooter, as the best game on Nintendo 3DS has relocated to consoles. Jill Valentine (and pals) investigate a derelict luxury cruiser lost at sea and crawling with horrific, infected creatures.

Graphics: The transition from a tiny five-inch screen to 1080p televisions takes its toll on sharpness. While the character models look remarkably polished, environments seem a little jagged and blocky. When considering this was formerly a portable game, the HD upgrade is still quite impressive.

Gameplay: Movement is the traditional, over-the-shoulder, third-person gun-play found in most of the recent Resident Evil games and plays very well. Walking seems unnaturally regulated – a style that suited the portable version – but blemishes the “I’m not a portable game” disguise of the HD version.

Sound: Dramatic music explodes on intense moments, but most of the game is eerily quiet. The most terrifying moments are executed with a brilliant use of sound effects and voices. With a borderline spoiler warning, listen out for the “mayday” call and try not to soak your pants.

Multiplayer: Raid Mode is similar to Resident Evil: Mercenaries, where you and a friend team-up to take on hordes of horrors in various sections of the game map. It’s quite fun to run through but it kills the fear factor, so it’s a positive that you have to complete the area in single-player before you start toying around with it in this way.

Appeal: With a spout of action-heavy Resident Evil games hitting our shelves lately, this game is rock-solid confirmation that horror and suspense are not lost on the publishers. The Nintendo 3DS version was a brilliant landmark for portable gaming, and console gamers will get the same, spine-tingling buzz after a few minutes of adjusting to the minor, cross-porting nuances.

Awesomeness: Being stuck on an an eerie, deserted freighter in the middle of nowhere is a great concept, and it’s served up well with a cool story full of plot twists, and grosely-twisted creatures. We also love the characters – some more than others- and you can never go wrong with Jill Valentine in a bum-hugging wetsuit.

Final Word: When a handheld game is up-scaled to HD consoles, it must be compared to console games – a tough ask (unless the game is reprogrammed from scratch). Fortunately, Capcom gave this game a good spit-shine to make the HD version just as enjoyable as before. It looks great, with only vague elements giving away it’s portable origins. Ultimately, console gamers are lucky to have an opportunity to play the best Resident Evil game we’ve played in a while.

REVIEW: Resident Evil: Revelations HD IceCube

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