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REVIEW: Grid 2

Available on: PC, PS3, XB360

Summary: Become the best driver of badass street machines as you race your way to the top of the WSR, an emerging (fictional) car racing league. Not a super-serious racing game nor overly-arcade – this one sits somewhere in between.

Graphics: These cars look pretty schmick but not to the ridiculous level of detail seen in games like Forza or Gran Turismo. Glossy reflections bouncing off the buffed exterior of your vehicle look spectacular, but some of the tracks and environments look a little ordinary at times. Presentation of menus and accessibility is the best we’ve seen of any racing game out there.

Gameplay: Handling is not as hardcore-realistic as the previous game but still requires precision driving to nail the corners. Drifting is common on every turn and takes a lot of practice to perfect, so the limited-use rewind feature was a welcome mercy rule for terrible drivers like me! Overall it takes racing seriously but feels accessible for most players.

Sound: Music features subtle beats that are appropriate for a racing games, but also adds dramatic overlays when the race gets intense on the final laps. Engine roars and tire skids sound realistic, and the engineer communicating with me on the headset is very useful and never gets irritating or repetitive.

Multiplayer: The cars you earn in single-player can’t drive into your multiplayer garage. Racing with friends is essentially the same deal as the single-player campaign, except that you can choose the type of race and the track at any time. It’s fun, but no more than any other racing game.

Appeal: The light story and evolution of your racing stardom is incredibly engaging. A new feature called LiveRoutes changes the track after every lap and keeps you alert, particularly if you’re trying to hold the lead. Modding your car is simple but fun, but could have used some performance upgrades to go with the great variety of paint jobs and liveries.

Awesomeness: Like the previous game, presentation is where this series strives and and it’s surprising how much better it makes a racing game. It feels great to gain popularity on mocked versions of Youtube and ESPN,  as you rise up the ranks of racing notoriety. But with a handful dull-looking tracks and lack of road variety, the scenery gets repetitive after a while.

Final Word: Many racing games lack personality, but this one keeps you coming back for more. It’s polished and features vehicles from select, real-life car manufacturers. This is a racing game for everybody, from hardcore rev-heads to your grandma. It lacks the extra details found under the hood and tracks are sometimes bland, but it’s a more-than satisfying racing experience.


REVIEW: Grid 2 IceCube

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