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LIVE from LA: Ubisoft press conference summary

Hi guys,

We’re live in Los Angeles at the Ubisoft press conference. Follow the show summary in point form below. Click the refresh button for live and latest news as it happens!

Rocksmith 2014
• Jerry Cantrel from Alice in Chains opens the show. Nice guitar riffage for Rocksmith! New game is called Rocksmith 2014
• Has a new session mode, and will feature Alice in Chains songs. We… don’t really know any.
Splinter Cell Blacklist
• Watching the trailer with multiple screens… Don’t know which one to look at.
• Sam taking down the ‘engineers’ with not too much strutural damage. (Geddit? sigh…)
• Game looks cool but not much new to see here. Out August 2013
Rayman Legends
• Animations are as crazy as ever.
• Out September 3rd.
• Oooh! Rayman vs some pretty big bosses.
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
• Like Diablo, but more of a strategy style action game.
• Build your own castles then steal loot from others while protecting your own.
• Set traps and add monsters to stop invaders stealing your loot.
• Doesn’t take itself too seriously… Expletives flying.
South Park the Stick of Truth
• Speaking of expletives! Look at what Ubi aquired in THQ sale.
• Crude, rude and as far as we can tell, the gameplay looks like the tv show

*LOLS… The host… she-so-tall… No high heels next year*

The Crew
• Driving game cross cityand country, working together on takedown chase missions
• Open-world action
• Release Early 2014
• Take over a criminaln organisation one city at a time
• Share and compete with friends
• Persistant online game
• Checkpoint runs reward with expoerience points and parts
• No login time when switching between single player and multiplayer
• Total customisation on user cars. Strip to bare bones and rebuild
• Has a story driven purpose!
• Use yout ipad to customise your car
Watch Dogs
• Not just a tech nerd, the guy can fight too
• We see Aiden bring down a human trafficking ring single-handedly
Just Dance 2014
• Features songs from Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Psy
• October 2013 release date across all platforms
Rabbids Invasion the interactive TV show
• In partnership with France televisions and Nickelodeon
• Host is a mutant… Apparently (that’s according to her not us).
• Finger pointing, egg throwing motion interactivity.
Assassins Creed Black Flag
• New trailer
• Why is it guys in hoods think they look inconspicuousin bars?
• Assassin’s Creed? More like Pirates Creed!
• Ubi showing off some spectacular looking promo footage

Trials Fusion
• Get some epic airtime… Just don’t forget your bike
• Trials Frontier also coming out for mobile devices
Tom Clancy’s The Division
• Massive Entertainment
• Skills, inventory, world map in a watch
• Walking grenades
• Open world rpg
• Next gen exclusive



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