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REVIEW: The Last of Us

Release date: 14 June 2013
Rating: R18+
Available on: PlayStation 3

Summary: This third-person, action survival horror game is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, but does it live up to the hype? Development team, Naughty Dog, the same crew who put together the amazing Uncharted series, tread into new territory and it pays off.

Concept: You play as the beardy Joel with his young sidekick, Ellie, some 20 years after a virus infection wipes out the world, turning people into zombie-like creatures. In many ways it is similar to Uncharted, but much darker and super-serious, with less wall scaling and maneuverability.

Graphics: Super-impressive visuals lead the pack, with incredible character detail, from facial expressions to shirt creases in movement. The lighting filters as Joel’s eyes adjust to a dark room, while sunsets show beautiful lens flares over the horizon. The camera gets in close during tense combat moments, unafraid to show every hit, facial reaction, and wound up close.

Gameplay: These fungus-faced foes run at you like the undead in 28 Days Later and are tough buggers to kill, so evading trouble is the secret to success. Scraps are about the place and you can spend a few seconds crafting shivs, tools and weapons from your backpack. Or you can blast ‘em with a revolver (if you have a bullet).

Sound: Voice acting is brilliant, though Joel does occasionally waffle, enforcing some subtitles at times. The music is subtle and quiet, only occasionally brimming to well-placed key moments, where it blends with the visuals harmoniously.

Awesomeness: This game has a sad, awe-inspiring story loaded with unexpected plot twists and breaks in gameplay. An imaginative new world dips you neck deep into real emotion, despite being in an oft-done, post-apocalyptic context. Combat, particularly melee, is hands-down the most impressive thing you’ll see in gaming all year, as the environment is almost completely interactive with the characters.

Final Word: The closest thing you’ll find to a perfect game all year, it’s handled with care and focuses heavily on realism without drowning out gameplay. While the themes are quite heavy-hearted, it’s a must play for anyone seeking a mind-blowing experience.

REVIEW: The Last of Us IceCube

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