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REVIEW: Remember Me

Release date: 6 June 2013
Rating: M
Available on: PC, PS3, XB360

Summary: A third-person beat-em-up set in the futuristic Neo Paris of 2084, where you play as a sexy memory hunter called Nillin. She’s on a mission to take down an evil corporation that controls the world through the stored memories of 99% of the population.

Concept: Shifting ‘n sharing memories (via network sockets in the back of people’s necks!) is the new drug of the future, and screwing ‘round with it over time turns peeps into mindless “leapers” who require a butt-kicking. It’s a brilliant concept for a futuristic, sci-fi setting, and the world looks amazing.

Graphics: The character models are nice and the world is beautiful. It’s a shame there wasn’t more areas to explore and people and places to interact with, because it looks like it has so much to offer. Sure, you can climb and scale walls, but it’s a strictly linear experience.

Gameplay: Acrobatic Niliin, remixes memories by altering a state of mind to change a course or event. Where tweaking the brain fails, sticking her boot into it doesn’t, and she can bust balls with combos in a similar fashion to the Batman: Arkham games. Fighting can get a little stunted at times, but gets smoother as you unlock combo upgrades.

Sound: Nilin’s voice is a little Lara Croft-like in strong “Britishness”, which is okay, but something a little original could have been better. The music behind the scenes are a nice blend of digital synth remixes and orchestral heavies for dramatic moments, overall setting the tone nicely.

Awesomeness: Everything about the concept of this game is brilliant and we need more inspired games like this. However, as beautiful as the world around you is, it could use some more personality to keep players motivated.

Final Word: Sexy-cool and totally kick-ass, this unique ride is worth plugging your brain into. A lot of thought has been put into this game, so if you value a great concept and don’t mind a bit of stunted gameplay, don’t “forget” to buy it.


REVIEW: Remember Me IceCube

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