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PS4 Camera will be sold separately

Here’s how the PlayStation 4 came US$100 cheaper than the XBox One:

The buzz generated from Sony’s E3 press conference announcement that the PlayStation 4 would be priced at US$399 (US$100 cheaper than the XBox One) was hugely positive and secured a critical edge in the console battle. But the advantage came at a price: the PlayStation 4 camera (PS4 Eye) add-on won’t come with every system.

The decision shaves US$100 off its originally planned price of US$499, but damns the accessory to a future of fragmented consumer use and software support, and renders the DualShock 4 controller’s built-in LED Move tracker largely useless.

Microsoft’s XBox One price remains US$499, but will be bundled with a Kinect motion camera. The importance of this add-on remains mixed for consumers, but for developers, it means that Kinect integration is no longer a costly gamble on a small percentage of Xbox 360 owners.

The PS4 camera will be sold separately as a US$59.99 add-on, but of the 40+ demos Sony showcased at E3, only Drive Club and a tech demo called Playroom were camera-enabled so far.

Let us know what you think of this decision!


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