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REVIEW: Saints Row IV

Release date: 12th September 2013
Rating: MA15+
Available on: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Summary: It may just be the wackiest and most absurd gaming ride you’ll sink your teeth into. The Australian Classification Board went through hurdles to prevent this action adventure open-world game from ever arriving here. But now it’s all safe and sound in Australia, minus a mission which contained some drug incentives, and it was well worth the wait.

Concept: If you thought the previous games were nuts, this game takes those nuts and kicks them with a giant comedy boot. Set five years after the events of Saints Row: The Third, you are elected President of the USA, kidnapped by aliens and transported to a “virtual Steelport” city where you gain super powers to reclaim your city. Yes, you’re a Presidential Superhero on a revenge mission.    

Graphics: Very, very, purple. There’s very little difference between the look of this game and Saints Row: The Third because it was originally intended to be an expansion game. This is a little disappointing because it leaves the graphics looking surprisingly outdated. However, it runs very smoothly amidst the anarchy of open-world mayhem.

Gameplay: Pushing the boundary of political correctness to all-new levels, it makes the giant purple dildo bat of the last game look like a reasonable interrogation tool. You can do all sorts of extra craziness with your new-found superpowers, like: glide, super-jump, sprint and kick people into the distance. Basically, all logical boundaries from the previous games are out, so you’re a superhuman wrecking ball. Enemies don’t bother too much with cover, but amidst all the chaos, neither will you.


Sound: The variety of voice-acting in the game is impressive once again, as is the collection of over 109 song for the car radio, including tracks from the likes of Aerosmith, Blur and Cypress Hill. Unfortunately, you won’t be listening to the car radio much because your super powers are far more convenient for quick travel.

Awesomeness: Somehow, the outrageous awesomeness of the previous games have been pumped-up like an inflatable sex doll to new levels of inappropriate hilarity. Character customization once again remains second to none, and the variety of ridiculous activities, missions, weapons, outfits and script will leave you in stitches.

Multiplayer: The standard two-player co-op mode returns for added fun. It’s nothing game-changing, but you can play the entire campaign with a mate if you want to. This includes all the bizarre side missions now executed with the benefit of two characters with super-powers.

Final Word: While the game looks and feels quite similar to before, the plot – despite being deliberately stupid – will keep you gunning for more game time. The downer is that being so super-powerful makes it feel like playing the last game with “God Mode” cheats on. While the graphics and gameplay are a little underwhelming, it’s overshadowed by the engrossing fun you’ll have with a surprisingly-strong plot, knee-slapping hilarity and a whopping variety of activities and missions.

REVIEW: Saints Row IV IceCube

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