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REVIEW: Grand Theft Auto V

Summary: This open-world, gangland shooter has had many of you queuing up at the game store store all week, and we don’t blame you. Full of action, drama, black comedy and plenty of controversial moments, no doubt this game is about to shake up the gaming industry in more ways than one.

Concept: This time you play as three different dudes, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, each with their own back story and, er, serious issues. As you play as one character, the others go about their business in the constantly-revolving world of Los Santos. The story takes the piss out of all angles of modern society, where nobody is safe from it’s hilarious stereotyping. It flows seamlessly between story and the usual joy of mucking around, and getting chased by cops, etc.

Graphics: From the moment you switch it on the world is glistening with liveliness – far more than the previous games. The most noticeable difference is in the real life character motions, and vast city landscape. In terms of visual scale, it truly exceeds anything else you’ve ever played before. This world is huge!

Gameplay: Combat feels like an evolution of other Rockstar Games like Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3, with a weapon wheel, logical loadouts and freedom to do whatever you like, such as tossing grenades out the car window and watching them explode behind you. Each fella also has unique skills, like bullet time for slow-mo diving gun shots, and a beserk mode that delivers double-damage for a limited time. Despite the games size it’s a remarkably smooth gaming experience, with only very rare moments after hours of playing when the frame rate might throw a quick, forgettable tantrum.


Sound:  Super-sweary F-bombs are dropped more regularly than Al Pacino in Scarface, leaving no point in the game when it’s safe for kids to sit and watch. Music swells to the moment, building drum beats and drama to suspense and epic crescendos for action-packed adrenaline. There’s also an amazing list of radio tunes to enjoy while cruisin’ the highways in your fave vehicle.

Multiplayer: The best part of playing online with mates is tackling missions strategically, as executing the perfect heist (or a number of other activities) brings on a huge sense of achievement if done according to plan. For example, you can have one guy flying a chopper, as another guy rappels down a skyscraper for a window break in, and another guy playing sniper from the adjacent building. Do it right and reap the rewards.

Final Word: So many cars to blow-up, so little time! From recreational sports like tennis and golf, to bank heists, and careening off a cliff edge in a Ferrari with six cop cars tailing you – there’s so much to do and explore in Los Santos. Sure, playing as three guys loses that snuggly bond that grows on you when you play as one guy, but overall it’s everything you expected plus a money bag full of surprises.

REVIEW: Grand Theft Auto V IceCube

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