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REVIEW: Killzone: Shadow Fall

Summary: Sony’s forceful push to make this first-person shooter series something worth playing feels a bit like they slammed a cream pie in our face and said, “Eat it”. This game about the only brand new launch title for to play on the new PS4, but it definitely looks the part.

Concept: With a new generation of gaming ahead of us, now would have been a great time to end this Killzone series for good and start something new. But no, we’re back again. Following the events at the end of Killzone 3, the Helghast (those masked neo-nazis with orange-glowy eyes) and Vetkans (more humane types) cut a truce deal to split half the planet each. This temporary peace doesn’t last long, the Helghast cause trouble, angry fist-shaking and shooting ensues… You get the drift.


Graphics: Without doubt the visual elements remain the highlight of these games, and the next-gen PS4 really pushes what the capabilties. The guns are clean and sharp, the scenery is lush with detail and overhead landscapes showcase jaw-dropping depth. It’s not open-world so you can’t run around in it, but it’s as nice as any look-but-don’t-touch display cabinet can offer.

Gameplay: Like all first-person shooters, you’re a floating gun, where left trigger aims and right trigger fires. No doubt the gameplay is silky-smooth with great gunplay, but the enemies walk around in the open like ducks in a shooting gallery. Combat areas are a little more open this time, allowing you to attack your mission objectives in any order you want, which is cool. While these games have never been known for decent stealth, this one presents a few more opportunities to make sneaky strikes, but in open areas and not much thought into stealth factors, it’s a short-lived option before open gunfire ensues. The portable OWL drone gadget, with four different functions to help in battle, is a nice little bonus gizmo.


Sound: Gunfire sounds pop with great impact and the music is kinda cool. The voice script tries a little too hard to be radically-awesome, and may lead to some laughs the devs didn’t intend.

Multiplayer: Warzones are back and it’s similar to every other multiplayer first-person shooter versus mode, but keeps parties together for every match. There’s no experience system this time, which helps to keep the playing field more even, but kills any incentive to play on in these repetitive battles. You can customize or limit the battle conditions, choose between three classes, and all items and weaponry are available for your loadout up-front.


Awesomeness: This is about as good as you could ask a Killzone game to be, and still it lack any level of player engagement. They tried to work on the story, but still, you’re just shooting masked guys simply because they are in your way. After a while the impact of those great graphics wear off like beer goggles the morning after.

Final Word: If you were expecting revolutionary changes to this game, don’t! It’s still very much a Killzone game. We definitely think it’s the best in the series, thanks to the more open maps, the OWL gizmo, and even-better-than-usual visuals. But ultimately it suffers from the same things it always has: Poor AI, a weak story, unlikeable characters, and that dull, generic shooter feeling this series still can’t quite shake.

REVIEW: Killzone: Shadow Fall IceCube

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