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Summary: It’s the title that fans of the franchise have been begging for since the mid 2000’s. Thief returns after a ten year hiatus but does it justify the wait?

Concept: You’re Garrett the Master scumbag… er Thief stealing from the rich, poor, dead and sick in the plague infested City that’s bracing for bloody revolution.


Graphics: Where I thought the character designs could have been better I can’t go past the amazing visuals cast of the City around you. You really feel as though you’re in the City and entrenched amongst the doom and gloom.

Gameplay: Thief is a stealth game. What I mean by that is that if you’re looking forward to confronting the bad guys with the vim and vigour of Conan the Barbarian you might want to rethink your strategy as the combat system can become overwhelming if you find yourself surrounded. The ‘focus’ ability may offer some assistance but Thief is primarily sneaky. A nice addition is the custom difficulty option where you can turn on and off features for an added challenge. And I can’t forget swoop, the ability that sees you transported into Garrett the master ninja invisible to everyone even in light. No really, swooping is awesome.


Sound: The odd muffled voices and repetitive dialogue drop the score here. With sound being integral to a stealth game it’s something I couldn’t really look past.

Awesomeness: Thief nails the atmosphere. I’m a sucker for a dark, gritty, pseudo-Victorian setting and Thief captures it beautifully. The stealth mechanics are fantastic especially considering it’s in first-person. You don’t feel glidey you feel grounded and in full control of Garrett’s stealthiness. On the attention to detail metre, I loved how Garrett’s visibility was replicated on my Dualshock 4’s light bar turning white when Garrett became visible. It initially caught my attention when it flashed white in time with the lightning during a storm early on in the game.


Final Word: It’s a dangerous thing taking on a nostalgia franchise and bringing it back to life, and I feel Thief ackowledges this by seemingly playing it safe. There doesn’t seem to be any major risks being taken with either the story or the characters but they’re done well enough to maintain a steady interest. It does well to make up for this with visually beautiful backdrops and excellent stealth mechanics. With that said, I feel as though Thief didn’t quite reach the pinnacle it potentially could have but sometimes games aren’t necessarily great but they feel right, and Thief just feels right.

REVIEW: Thief pea

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