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REVIEW: InFamous: Second Son

Summary: Players take on the role of beanie-donning Delsin in this third-person, open-world action game, as he goes from graffiti-taggin’ youth to rad superhero. This gnarly hipster gets to target an evil government uprising. Cliche!

Concept: Less like a comic book than the previous two games, the angle is more serious this time. In the events after Cole’s death in InFamous 2, the DUP (er, corrupt government military force) are hunting down the remaining conduits (er, citizens with superpowers) by any means necessary. The premise is a little cheesy but the character depth is very good. Delsin’s character in the main storyline is honest and real, but the good/bad choice system often forces him to act uncharacteristically. Despite these actions, the choice system mixes up the missions you play and affects the way your powers work.

inFAMOUS_Second_Son-Delsin_Reggie-inside_359_1395232547“Duuude, I’m not Neo, alright!”

Graphics: This game is eye candy and unquestionably current-gen, showing-off the raw oomph(!) of the PlayStation 4’s capabilities. The lighting in particular is a standout, whether it’s the sunset reflecting on the wet roads or the flash of neon bolts blasting from your hands.

Gameplay: A radical dude like Delsin oughta be parkouring across buildings, and that’s exactly what he can do all over the open-world city. He absorbs unusual energy sources around him, like smoke and neon, and wields it as a weapon by blasting foes, which can now be done without L1 targeting, and it works fluently. Stupidly, your body absorbs bullets like the target at a shooting gallery, which makes you feel ridiculously invulnerable. You get even stronger as the game progresses, as it feeds you with more super powers to unlock and unleash.

inFAMOUS_Second_Son-neon_purple_flurry-636_1384528344“I warned you to stop cutting down the trees, maaan.”

Sound: The voice acting is incredibly well done and sound effects are mostly a combination of explosions, “piew!” “piew!” noises from your hand blaster, and military goons panicking. Music is a subtle and forgettable affair.

Awesomeness: As always, this game focuses on making the player an almighty god of radical power. In effect, it’s like a dude going clubbing with orange spray on tan – it’s too much. We see these games in the same light as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Prototype, where you have a guy who is too powerful, and in turn, makes for good but mindlessly-dull gameplay.

inFAMOUS_Second_Son-Neon_run_blast-482_1385386751The feds got sick of Delsin’s public break-dancing.

Final Word: The story is the best in the series yet, and the graphics look simply amazing. Better still, we finally get to see some substance and depth to the characters, making your missions a worthwhile plight. While gameplay is well-designed, it suffers from occasional minor lags in hectic situations. Destroying everything and everyone at any time while absorbing hails of bullets somewhat kills what the story is trying to achieve, and makes it all a bit gimmicky. But overall this is a fun game to get into.

REVIEW: InFamous: Second Son IceCube

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