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GLiTCH Plays: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Hi guys,

I’m GLiTCH and I just searched for clues in the third-person action game, Murdered: Soul Suspect on the PS4. Now I’m about to present you with all my leads!

Upon picking up the DualShock 4 controller, I am first presented with the sight of my character, Ronan O’Connor, being pushed in slow-mo’ from a forth-story window by an unknown assailant in a hoodie. Upon hitting the street turf below, you wake as a ghost and find yourself staring at your own body. You are about to solve your own murder.

MURDERED ONLINE PREVIEW (2)_1393429484“Sigh… Can’t even retire after death.”

A great deal of depth has been added to the story since we last witnessed this game at E3 2013, and as Ronan’s life flashes before his eyes, we see brief flashbacks of the key moments of his life before he became the detective he is (or was, really) today. We immediately learn his wife passed away and he grew up in a lifestyle of juvenile crime. This guy is your classic anti-hero, who somehow became a respected police officer along the way.

Our first bit of controller interaction begins after Ronan panics about his current state and tries to merge his spirit with his fallen body. Lying down, we used the control sticks to match the angle of his feet, hands and face, to no avail. Your attacker then walks downstairs to finish the job, firing seven handgun bullets into your unconscious body. Ronan’s spirit flails wild punches to try to prevent it from happening but his ethereal fists pass right through the murderer. These bullet holes appear as orange bullet holes on your spirit form, as a reminder of your purpose.

At this point we can see other spirits and catch up to a mysterious little girl ghost. With a pointless conversation wheel to ask questions, we learn that many other spirits of dead people are stuck in this state of limbo, and it’s dangerous. In this form we can pass through most walls, but this world is filled with demons that hunt you for your soul. The hope for lost souls like yourself is the desire to escape into the afterlife, and to do that they must discover the truth behind their deaths and come to peace with it. Your need to track down your killer just got serious.

MURDERED ONLINE PREVIEW (1)_1393429480“The accidental nudge was no longer an effective pickup tool.”

So begins the real gameplay as we return to the scene of our death. The police have now arrived and cordoned off the area with witnesses giving their accounts, and evidence markers placed on the clues. The aim here is to find as many clues as possible and interrogate witnesses by “possessing” them (as in, entering and taking control of their body) for insight, to make a conclusion for your next lead. It’s impossible to hide the similarities with the Rockstar game, L.A. Noire.

Each clue has four interactive options which vary depending on what you’re dealing with. Five variable actions we noted are: Influence, Evesdrop, Disposses, Peek and Mind Read. Clues on the ground are simply noted in your menu, but you can be way more creative and possess an officer to “Peek” at his notes, “Influence” an action, “Evesdrop” on conversations or even “Mind Read” to learn what they’re thinking. Anything you learn this way also gets added to your collective notes, and when you have reached the required quota, you can sum-up your evaluation for your next lead to progress the game.

Unlike LA. Noire, you can’t frustratingly fail an entire case for misreading the intended meaning of an obscure clue. If you can gather all the information you need, you will progress no matter what. So where’s the challenge, you ask? With the evidence in hand, you’ll have to work out which clue is the most relevant lead, and the fewer errors in judgement, the better the rewards will be when you move along.

MURDERED ONLINE PREVIEW (9)_1393429501“The clues were written right under his nose.”

 At this point the game was getting a bit slow, like a point-and-click adventure puzzle game. But it turns out there is much more to the gameplay. Our investigation moved into the decrepit building I was pushed from, and on the first floor, I discovered two new things: 1) Another lost spirit of a woman. Like you, she is trying to find her murdered body to escape Limbo. This is an optional, feel-good, side-mission, which uses the same clue and possession system we just demonstrated, but no plot spoilers for you! 2) Our first encounter with a demon.

Demon’s have a terrifying shriek, and if one spots you, you run and hide. These hideous forms are all that’s left of the trapped souls who never made it out of here, and they are on the prowl for fresh spirits like yours to devour. Fortunately, littered around the halls are faint soul “pockets” where you can hide to throw the demon off your scent. Stay hidden long enough and the demon will get bored and go away. Taking them head-on is a no go, but you’re not as helpless as it seems. With a bit of stealth, if you can sneak behind one you can grab it and banish it with the the timely tap of the correct buttons. Do this successfully and all of a sudden you’ll feel much more badass.

MURDERED ONLINE PREVIEW (8)_1393429498For the Ringwaith, wearing grandma’s dentures was a popular party trick.

The case continues upstairs but to prevent plot spoilers, I’ll leave you on a cliffhanger for now! We like this game a lot for it’s change of pace and can’t wait to see where the story takes us. With enough variety in scenery and a juicy-thick plot, this could be one of the most interesting and creative games of the year.

I was very engaged on my journey to the afterlife and my early impression is that the heavy narrative and pointless conversation wheel gives us a lack of control at this stage. However, my hour-long experience was very tutorial heavy and there’s clearly much more to see down stretch. We had trouble putting the controller down and it’s the kind of game we’ll be keen to see through to discover the end. Why? That killer is going down!

For more info on Murdered: Soul Suspect, check in with Gamebug.com.au!



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