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REVIEW: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Summary: Set in a twisted world in the 1960’s where the Nazi’s won World War II, you play as B.J. Blazkowicz, one of the last members of the resistance against the German takeover, in an action-heavy, first-person shooter.

Concept: From the outset, it looks like something we’ve seen a thousand times before: That Killzone-esque first-person shooter which requires little more than holding down the right trigger and gunning down waves of Neo-Nazi’s in gas masks. What we discovered is that this game was so much more, thanks to the surprisingly deep and engrossing plot. This feels like Call of Duty action meshed with a genuinely dark and gritty story involving the last hope for survival against an evil regime.

RoW_WakeUp“Wait! We got the wrong address.”

Graphics: Visuals are near the top of the class as the frame rate runs super-smoothly. The guns and reload motions look excellent amongst the chaos and explosions.

Gameplay: The devs had to make a tough choice here: Stay true to the simplicity of the original shooter, or bring the features up-to-speed with modern day shooters? In the end they found a balance in between. To satisfy the retro feel, the core gameplay is basically just run and gun with little else. A “lean” function is the only new button feature, but from first-person perspective it feels pretty useless, as it’s hard to tell if your body is behind cover, and leaning out exposes you to the Nazi’s uncanny aim anyway. You can upgrade your basic stats like gun damage to improve your character, by achieving set kills goals and achievements. This is a nice, new addition, and gives you some side tasks to work for.

RoW_Trenches“Go in quietly? Yeah… nah.”

Sound: Music matches the tone where appropriate, from fast paced adrenaline, to slow and reflective, to purely patriotic. Voice acting is well achieved, creating convincing characters you encounter throughout the course of the game.

Awesomeness: Let’s be honest, we were bummed at the idea of another remake of the same old game that has little to offer in an overcrowded first-person shooter genre. But the results are a legit slap to our face! It’s not just a bunch of big-budget explosions – the eye-opening difference here is in the absorbing story, which is chock-full of incentive to be gunning down hordes of Nazi’s.

RoW_BaywatchIncludes a cameo from Pacific Rim! No, not really.

Final Word: This game was plastered with “boring shooter” warning signs since its announcement, but this is a surprise victory. The high-action activity gels together with deep and engrossing plot twists that kept us glued to the screen. If the aim was to create the best Wolfenstein game you can without dismissing the core simplicity of the original 8-bit game, they succeeded.

REVIEW: Wolfenstein: The New Order IceCube

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