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Summary: Mixed Martial Arts kicks it’s way back into the video game octogon. It ‘s the first time we’ve seen the sport in video game form since THQ sold the rights EA Sports.

Concept: Choose a fighter, take him (or her) to the Octogon and kick the crap out of your opponent. It’ just like the real UFC, with all the same fighters, locations and TV-style commentary. Game modes are pretty straight forward: Career, Walkthrough (tutorial), Fight Now (single fight) and Online. In career mode you can create a character, but not a female character, and there’s a decent variety of customizable appearance options available.

2434489-pettis_01_1920x1080“Phonecall! It’s my foot on the line.”

Graphics: EA have clearly spent a lot of time working on character models and TV like presentation, and it really pays off! Each fighter has their own intro and commentary, and even do their own personal habits when mentally preparing for a fight. Even the body ripples, cuts and bumps all look professionally done. From a visual and presentation standpoint, you can’t do much better!

Gameplay: Aside from the hideously-long load times, and tough difficulty, we have a big issue with the control scheme, which just feels clumsy and completely impractical. There’s so many unnecessary button configurations; we’re holding down L2’s and R1’s and rotating the right sticks and pushing in the left sticks, all at the same time. I question if it’s really necessary? The front buttons do punches and kicks, but getting into a hold or grappling match is just an undesirable chore of button guessing. We’re okay with complicated button schemes, but the buttons for this game are a distracting mess. We get that there’s a lot of moves in the UFC, but the controls could have had much more uniformity in their structure.

ea-sports-ufc-submissions-03Left sticks and right sticks try to untangle these two.

Sound: The crowd reactions are great and the commentary is simply superb. Punches and kicks don’t exactly make cracking sounds when you connect a strike like they do in most fighting games, making the hits sound a bit soft. Perhaps the noise of skin slaps could have been more distinct? There’s plenty of great music to go around, all in a theme that is true to UFC.

Multiplayer: Online play features a Championship mode, Quick Match and a Rivalries mode for gimmicks. It’s not much but it’s all you really need for this game at this stage.

EA-Sports-UFC-02“Alright, I promise I’ll stop listening to Coldplay!”

Awesomeness: This game lures you in with appealing looks but puts you off with an complicated problems, just like a date with a really hot person who has issues.

Final Word: EA has done such a great job capturing the UFC presentation and created a great template for a game we really want to get into. Sadly the combat balance suffers from miscues and the control scheme is an unnecessarily-messy and offputting affair. Get into this game if you’re willing to commit some dedication to the sport and study and practice the deep structure.

REVIEW: EA Sports UFC IceCube

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