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REVIEW: Sniper Elite III

Summary: This shooter brings long-distance tactics to the forefront. Set several years before Sniper Elite V2, you again play as elite OSS sniper Karl Fairburne during World War II. This time he’s picking off peeps during the North Africa conflict in a battle against new foes.

Concept: It’s pretty much just you versus the Nazi army in this rarely-used North African setting. And even though sniping your victims is the most satisfying method of taking them down, a lot of stealth, tactics and takedowns are also vital for success. The story, however, is fairly forgettable and filled with action film cliche’s.

ghillePlay as Chewbacca! Er, no, not really.

Graphics: The biggest attraction for this game is the slow motion shots, which switches the view to X-ray vision as your bullet drives through the target’s body. Otherwise, this game falls into the visual realm of a another generic World War II shooter.

Gameplay: There’s only eight open missions, all very long, and each with several objectives that can be approached whichever way you deem fit. Achieving goals requires the slow and steady stealth approach, mixing long-range hits with creeping around with a knife and silenced pistol. The enemy AI is pretty lame though: Their awareness is ridiculously alert and can spot and target you way too easily. If they can’t find you, it doesn’t take long before they give up and walk over their buddy’s corpse to resume patrolling.

gapSomebody’s day is about to get much worse.

Sound: The best thing about the sound in this game is that it affects your stealth. If you take a shot with your sniper rifle, enemies within eyesight will probably hear you. But if you fire near heavy machinery or other loud noises, enemies either won’t hear it or if  they do, won’t be sure where it came from.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer maps are massive to take advantage of long range shooting. There’s several competitive modes, the most notable one being “Distance King”, which rewards you with more points the further away you make your kill. But Co-op modes are much cooler, with an option to play through the campaign together, or against waves of enemies, arming one guy with binoculars as a spotter, and the other as the shooter, forcing you to communicate and work together.

nightCampfires are warm and unfriendly.

Awesomeness: It’s still primarily about sniping (as it should be), yet it manages to incorporate many other aspects as well, so it doesn’t feel as one-dimensional as the titles suggests. Though the shaky visuals are noticeably behind other big budget shooters and struggles to induce much player excitement.

Final Word: The gameplay mechanics, sizeable maps and co-op modes help offset the underwhelming story and shaky enemy intelligence, but overall it’s still a game that’s lacking visual polish. It’s a vast improvement over the previous game, but still struggles to connect with the player.

REVIEW: Sniper Elite III IceCube

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