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Top 10 Scariest Silent Hill moments

Silent Hill is hailed as the best survival horror video game series ever made, and it’s hard to disagree. The first four games in particular (on PS1 and PS2) took gamers through engrossing fear, introduced many new concepts and captured genuine tension without resorting to bogus cheap thrills. It was emotional torment that had us salivating for more.

With Silent Hills on the way, we wanted to applaud the achievements of the previous games by listing some standout moments that stayed with us even today. Consider this my spoiler alert as we delve deep into my Top Ten Scariest Silent Hill moments below!

 10. Knock knock


Game:   Silent Hill 3
The Moment:   By this point in the game, Heather had investigated a number of empty toilet cubicles, but when knocking on this locked door, something knocks back. You can try again and get the same response. Only when you turn to leave you hear the cubicle door start to creek open, and after you flee the bathroom in fear, a large beast is approaching you down the corridor in the darkness. Yeesh! There was also a similar moment in Silent Hill 2, where backtracking from a locked toilet cubicle triggered a heart-pounding woman’s scream.

9. The darkness, the siren and the lighter


Game:   Silent Hill
The Moment:   This moment was our introduction to the world of Silent Hill on the original PlayStation console. When chasing after your runaway daughter through the thick fog of the seemingly deserted town, the pursuit takes you down a narrow alleyway where the camera angle changes to a cool, static overhead view. Almost immediately, a warning siren starts wailing in the distance and your surroundings turn supernaturally darker by the second, until your only source of light is a pocket lighter. The music becomes a thundering doom as you progress deeper and hear scuttling sounds around you. What happens next, we won’t spoil.

8. The OMG WTF is that giant face?!


Game:   Silent Hill 4: The Room
The Moment:  In the hospital , the camera shifts suddenly to reveal this giant, twisted face right before you. It’s a decrepit version of your neighbour, Eileen, and all it does is emanate strange gurgling sounds, with her eyes following your every move. The ghastly vision my seem oddly random at first, but it represents her peering through the peep hole back into your apartment room – something your peeping-tom protagonist has done several times himself to this point.

 7. Found you


The Game:   Silent Hill 2
The Moment:   Pyramid Head is probably the most iconic and terrifying Silent Hill monster. Up to this point you’ve been able to witness the beast scrape its enormous blade around and get up to some pretty nasty things – you even fired your gun at it through some shutters in an earlier cutscene. At this point, however, when walking down a dark corridor you hear the sound of a baby cry, but the end of the corridor is barred. Standing on the other side of the steel cage is Pyramid Head, just… looking at you. With no way forward you must turn back, with the gruesome beast watching intently.

 6. No escape


Game:   Silent Hill
The Moment:   Waking up in an abandoned cafeteria to find a policewoman named Cybil by your side is your first moment of sanity in the series, and knowing you aren’t alone provides a huge sense of relief! After a brief introduction, you learn that she too is lost and confused by this town and will take the squad car back to police headquarters and return with backup (Yes!). A little later in the game, however, you start to wonder where she is, and it soon becomes apparent: You see her police car, abandoned and teetering off the edge of a cliff where the road abruptly ends. Looking down reveals an endless abyss of fog, and it’s at this point you realize you are alone and cut off from the world.

5. Don’t trust the mannequins


The Game:   Silent Hill 3
The Moment:   From the moment you open the door to this storage room, it’s pretty tempting to switch the console off and do some chores instead of face the unknown ahead. Walking through the pitch black room is fine until you hit the middle of it, when a surprise “BANG!” noise likely induces a nasty bladder accident for the player. Investigating the sound reveals a mannequin with an exploded head, blood and all. Creepy, much?

 4. The rocking chair


The Game:   Silent Hill 3
The Moment:   An unusual section of the game requires you to make it through the Borley Haunted Mansion, an amusement park attraction with it’s own creepy narrator for a guide. On a chair behind a desk facing away from you is a corpse, but… the chair is rocking (oh, gawd…). As you try to edge around the front to see his face, a body of a hanged man suddenly drops from the ceiling before you with a non-subtle scream. Somebody bring us the respirator, please.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall


The Game:   Silent Hill 3
The Moment:   At first, this simple room with a large wall mirror is fairly innocuous. That is, until you stop to look at yourself in the mirror. Your reflection stands motionless as tendrils of blood creep out from the walls and gradually engulf the room and smother her body. As horrifying as this is to watch, the bloody tendrils begin to creep through the mirror and out of the walls of your room too, causing head spins and massive health loss. Escaping from the room with urgency is your only option.

2. The hurt locker


The Game:   Silent Hill
The Moment:   Video games were fairly predictable back in the day, but the original Silent Hill threw a curve ball that – quite literally – shocked the world. This scene was a notorious tell-tale moment for anyone who played the game and it takes place in an old, dark and abandoned school. Entering the locker room for the first time, you hear a strange banging noise coming from inside a small locker tucked away in the back corner. When you open it, a small cat startles you and runs away. On a required return visit to the room, something is banging from the inside of the same locker again. Strange? This time, the locker door has blood dripping from it, and opening it reveals an empty locker with blood splattered all over the inside (okay…). As you uneasily backtrack past already-cleared ground, another locker door suddenly flings open and a lifeless corpse flops before your feet, causing screams and soiled jocks.

1. Looking down the rabbit hole


The Game:   Silent Hill 4: The Room
The Moment:   This was my favourite creepy moment of all the games for achieving maximum shudders with minimalism. Venturing into Silent Hill, you will often wake up after a key event, trapped inside your apartment. With most of the apartment block residents killed by the terrors residing in Silent Hill, you feel a sense of responsibility for the young woman next door, Eileen, who can be watched through a peep hole in the wall to her bedroom. Sometimes she’s reading, sometimes cooking, sometimes taking a nap – but the one constant is the pink plush bunny toy sitting flopped on the bed with its back to you. When Eileen also meets a tragic end, it leaves you alone and frustrated, and if you choose peer one last time into Eileen’s room, you’ll be greeted with the above sight. It knows. *shudder…*


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