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Top 100 Xbox 360 & PS3 Games: 60-51

With the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 battle coming to a close, I am presenting my Top 100 games from the generation in a weekly series. I’ve played almost every game on both consoles and the list is set. It will be presented to you as a countdown in 10’s every week until we hit number one. Enjoy the reveal of numbers 60-51 below and tune in each week for the rest! My selection criteria and currently-revealed list is at the bottom of the page

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60. Lollipop Chainsaw

What’s it about?   A cheerleader brings out the chainsaw and “deadly” cheerleading moves when her university campus is overrun by zombies.
Why is it here?   It’s cheesy as hell, but I have no shame in admitting I love this game. It was bizarre, wild, violent and sexy all in one and I’m all for more deliberately-cheesy games just like it. That classic lollipop theme song sticks in my head.

 59. Army of Two: The 40th Dayarmy__ao2_tfd_oct_shots_7

What’s it about?   Two masked mercs high-five and chest-bump during a third-person shooting rampage throughout the streets of Shanghai.
Why is it here?   The most interesting take I have of this game is that I hated both of the other games. Meanwhile, this one sat inbetween, being all brilliant and s**t. There’s few better two-player co-op games, with so many ways to interact with each other and strategize with live-action tactics. I also loved the weapon variety, aggro system, back-to-back slow-mo and character bonding animations.

58. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

What’s it about?   Sid Meier’s flair for great games is plastered all over this turn-based strategy game about a top-secret unit of marines trained to halt an alien invasion.
Why is it here?   After a decade-long hiatus, this game restored my faith in strategy games, and also reminded me how cool Sid Meier (Firaxis) games were. They always had a unique twist to them that made them instant classics and it’s good the kids of today get to taste a bit of what it was like! There was something about choosing your squad from recruits around the world that I loved, and watching them develop and keeping them alive was of prime importance.

57. Bulletstorm

What’s it about?   A first-person shooter about a secret black ops team who are sent on a space mission to assassinate high priority targets, who turn out to be innocent people. Revenge time.
Why is it here?   It was heavily marketed as a hard-knuckle, butt-kicking shooter, loaded with crass humor, explosions and creative kills. All that “rah-rah” put me right off the game, until I played it and found myself enjoying the things they didn’t market, like the fantastic story and fun, smooth gameplay. It’s only when I noticed that Epic Games (Gears of War series) created it during their prime, that all the awesomeness I was discovering started to make sense.

 56. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Plane_in_zero_gravity_Turbulence_MW3

What’s it about?   The conclusion to the final part of the Modern Warfare trilogy ends with a bang.
Why is it here?   Let’s face it; developers Infinity Ward were the kings of the COD franchise, launching the series from “great” to all-time record-breaking sales. Just play the campaigns and it’s not hard to see why. There’s a total of three Call of Duty games on my list and this is the first to appear. Each level was unique but it presented so many memorable moments, like the submarine strike, the Eiffel Tower destruction, and the Presidential flight security on board a plummeting plane (above), and a memorable ending scene that let’s you soak in all your achievements as the adrenaline wears down. *lies back on couch, cracks open beer can, exhales, life is good.*

 55. Fight Night: ChampionFNfrostvsandre

What’s it about?   Boring boxing becomes exciting with the focus and direction turned to a fantastic, Rocky-like story.
Why is it here?   Boxing? Who cares! Not me. When it comes to boxing I’m just like you, but the high ranking on my list is telling abour how bloody good this game is. It’s been the most realistic boxing game on the market for years, which is something I’m sure boxing fans appreciate. For me, it was the great, feel-good story about a good-hearted man who goes from jailbird to unlikely champion. Powerful stuff.

54. Earth Defense Force 2025EarthDefenseForce2025_E32013_0006

What’s it about?   This third-person shooter tastes a bit like Starship Troopers. Giant insects and aliens are terrorizing the Earth, and your EDF soldier must take charge to take it back!
Why is it here?   Good grief this game is addictive! Note that this is actually the sequel to EDF 2017, but with more levels, enemies, weapons, classes and, well… everything! English copies were officially released earlier this year, but are already ridiculously scarce (where the hell is the marketing and stock?!). It took one play, and I was instantly hooked. There’s a huge number of levels and you improve as you find and unlock bigger, more powerful weaponry.

53. Operation Flashpoint: Red River

What’s it about?   Play as one of four classes in control of Outlaw 2 Bravo, a US marine corp fireteam in a fictional war set in Tajikistan, 2013.
Why is it here?   Hidden amongst all the big budget first-person military shooters is this savvy entry, which I think is the most realistic of them all. Let me clarify that: It’s realistic, fair and fun – so despite the authenticity, there’s never a dull moment. You’ve got to play the role and take care of yourself by proceeding with caution and keeping an eagle eye on the distance. The land is very open and lifelike, littered with terrorist hideout towns that have crumbled under heavy gunfire, generating similar perils and scenery to what troops face in real life today.

 52. Dragon Age 2DA2legacy_genlock_wm

What’s it about?   The sequel to the surprise-hit fantasy RPG from Bioware, brings faster-paced action to the elite, choice-based adventure.
Why is it here?   When I hear that some people refer to this a “bad game, I just look at them with a blank face, genuinely puzzled. I had no issues and enjoyed it immensely. I suppose on the tech side of things it could have looked a little better and ran a little smoother, but the gameplay, RPG elements and story were so ridiculously absorbing, I couldn’t give the slightest f**k!

51. Saints Row 2

What’s it about?   A wild and wacky, open-world action game where your created character relaunches the Saints gang from scratch by taking over the three gangs in the area, before facing off with the corrupt city council.
Why is it here?   I must have completed this game about five times – four cooperatively! I’m not a huge, gangsta/GTA guy, and the violence is completely senseless. But I just loved the customization options, open-world freedom, huge variety of things to do, cool story and all-round silliness of it. It was way better than I was expecting it to be.

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The List Criteria

– The order is based on how much I enjoyed a game and how great I think it is.
– This list is my personal Top 100, so quality may take a backseat to personal enjoyment.
– I have considered every video game. If it’s not here, it wasn’t worthy.
– I have not included games that were released in same-day conjunction with current-generation consoles (PS4/XB1). I consider these to be “current-gen games” even though they are technically available across both gens.
– I am still interested to hear your thoughts on the list. Tell us why you love it or hate it! Is something too low or too high?

The Top 100 So Far…

100. Trials Evolution
99. Lord of the Rings: War in the North
98. Warriors: Legends of Troy
97. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
96. Red Faction: Armageddon
95. Hitman: Absolution
94. Time and Eternity
93. Battlefield 3
92. SoulCalibur IV
91. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
90. Need for Speed: Carbon
89. Splinter Cell: Conviction
88. Vanquish
87. Forza Motorsport 4
86. Nier
85. WET
84. Deadpool
83. Dead Space 3
82. Rumble Roses XX
81. Red Faction: Guerilla
80. Homefront
79. Dynasty Warriors 8
78. Batman: Arkham Asylum
77. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
76. RAGE
75. Assassin’s Creed
74. Heavenly Sword
73. Ghostbusters: The Video Game
72. Sleeping Dogs
71. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
70. Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires
69. Velvet Assassin
68. Remember Me
67. Mortal Kombat
66. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
65. The Amazing Spider-Man
64. Dead Space
63. Batman: Arkham City
62. Rise of the Argonauts
61. Mass Effect 3
60. Lollipop Chainsaw
59. Army of Two: The 40th Day
58. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
57. Bulletstorm
56. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
55. Fight Night: Champion
54. Earth Defence Force 2025
53. Operation Flashpoint: Red River
52. Dragon Age 2
51. Saints Row 2

Tune in next week for the next 10, as we hit the TOP 50!


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