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REVIEW: Assassin’s Creed Unity

Summary: It’s time to lurk in the shadows and stab pompous corrupt types in the back as the latest Assassin’s Creed game is here, this time set during the French Revolution.

Concept: The assassins versus templars campaign has a few twists, but ultimately another forgettable story for the series. The main character, Arno, is also another unlikable lead protagonist and kind of a jerk too. They try to represent him as a dashing young hero, but he’s really more like that dumbass jock you hated at high school, who happens to also kill people when the hoodie comes on.

ACU_47_SP_Combat_LongSpearIf he has an expensive hat, kill him.

Graphics: The highlight of the graphics is the setting of 18th Century France, which captures the architecture and outfits of the time with great detail. It’s also impressive to witness such large crowds formed together in many areas, which is cool for blending in and hiding.

Gameplay: I like the improved downwards scaling parkour system, which makes the game less reliant on conveniently-placed haystacks (though, they are still littered everywhere). Stealth moments still have a recurring issue of sometimes not responding the way you’d like for takedowns, and hiding behind cover is finicky and it’s hard to tell if you’re even hidden from sight or not. Combat is pretty much identical to before, with no new skills to speak of. As you complete missions you earn “Creed Points” which my be spent on upgrading Arno’s look, weapons and abilities, which is a nice touch. It’s mostly an enjoyable, fluent system, but very familiar.

ACU_screen_SP_Customization_GC_140813_10amCET_1407889587“…Do you have one in pink?”

Sound: A mix of pipes and military drums for a soundtrack sounds like The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which matches the setting but also does little to separate itself from the previous games. Meanwhile the script is voice acted well enough.

Multiplayer: The most boasted new feature is the new four-player co-op, which is also competitive, as you earn more points the more you contribute to the team, including number of kills and assists. Everything you do in the drop-in, drop-out multiplayer aids the progression of your character. It’s a nice twist to the gameplay and worth jumping into.

ACU_23_SP_WindowAssassination_v2Bob regretted not replacing the glass window earlier.

Awesomeness: Gotta admit, hearing that the next big Assassin’s Creed game was gonna be set in renaissance France was a huge buzzkill. I know it’s not technically the same era as the previous games, but it sure feels the same. It’s like the series is reverting back to the stale formula that was making gamers groan before the pirates of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag rescued it. It also feels like misguided response to the resurrected success.

Final Word: With the setting of ye olde France captured in remarkable detail and the huge number of citizens captured on the screen at any one time, it’s hard not to be impressed by the attention to visual detail. The character customization and four player co-op also offers a nice twist. Unfortunately it’s too hard to shake the “been-there-done-that” feeling of yet another renaissance setting, and it doesn’t help that your main character is more of a tool than a hero. Combat and stealth remains disappointingly unchanged and hindered with many of the same miscues as before. Huge production budget and values warrants another overall victory for the series, but it’s still time to lay this wounded Assassin’s series to rest and move on to Pirates Creed.

REVIEW: Assassin’s Creed Unity IceCube

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