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REVIEW: Little Big Planet 3

Summary: If you enjoy platformers and own a PS4, you have very few options. How does this “sack up” (get it? stack up, sack boy? Oh never mind!) compared to the rest of the games in the franchise and the genre in general?

Concept: If you have played any of the previous games, your hero, Sackboy will look familiar. You control a cloth character who can be altered in many ways to wear some pretty outlandish costumes and designs. My current choice is my cricket themed little buddy, complete with cricket bat and pads. Little Big Planet 3 is a pretty standard platformer in a lot of ways but includes a fair few puzzles. There are millions of crazy levels and you can create your own, from a simple platform jumping challenge to a fighting game, a working calculator to a re-creation of some video game themes and levels. Note that all the levels from the first two games can be found in here which means the amount of content is truly impressive.lbp2

Our cloth covered heroes.

Graphics: The style of the game is very much in keeping with the series, lots of interesting items littered through the levels and a cloth/textured feel. The outstanding parts are really in the level designs. Some are just so beautiful to look at and of course when you take into account people are creating their own levels and designs it means the variety of what you can see in the game is impressive. That all being said, because of the cartoony style it doesn’t really push the hardware.

Gameplay: The additions to the basic Little Big Planet gameplay include several fun devices you can use including a Pumpinator (which sucks and blows items, reminding me a bit of Tearaway on Vita) and the Blink Ball, where you throw a ball at a receiver which then teleports you to that point. The greatest improvement to the gameplay and the main draw of Little Big Planet 3 – new characters! You can play not only as Sackboy but as Toggle (a larger character who can shrink), OddSock (a dog) and Swoop (a bird). There are certain levels in the story where you must control one of these and some where you can switch between the 4. There is a Popit Academy mode where you are essentially running creation mode tutorials but these feel more like puzzles that are engaging to solve. Some areas will have challenges to complete, like running a race with a car of your creation, if you are interested in some side quest activities.lbp3

Yeah, I’d be running too!

Sound: The music is really fun, with a few familiar licensed tracks. You will hear some old Rock n’ Roll tunes, Jazz and everything in between. The narrators and characters are some classic British actors including Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. The acting is really great and very funny, particularly if you enjoy that style of humor.

Multiplayer: Each level in your main story can be played with online players which was something I didn’t expect but rather enjoyed at least for a bit. The multiplayer options here are really all about the user created levels which are shared among the games players.

What goes here?

Awesomeness: The draw of Little Big Planet is definitely the creativity and the simple fun that comes from running through increasingly wacky stages. My favourite level was the one where you first get OddSock which has a pinball theme and has you doing some crazy acrobatics to progress. So much fun! The story of Newton and the evil titans trying to steal creativity from the world of Bunkum is cute and funny but nothing ground breaking. The other big thing I didn’t expect where the boss battles. These can actually be pretty challenging without being impossible. Learning what you need to do to win is key and  there are several interesting guys to fight.

Final Word: Having played only bits of Little Big Planet 1 and 2 and the Vita version, I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of the floaty platforming found in these games. However, despite myself I have been really engrossed in this PS4 incarnation.  If you find yourself in the position with lots of time on your hands, you probably won’t go wrong giving this a try.

REVIEW: Little Big Planet 3 CJay

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