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PEAVES: Spot the difference


As you’ve probably heard Ubisoft have officially confirmed Assassin’s Creed Victory, a *cough* new title in the Creed series to be set in Victorian era England. I know, I know, I too shared your collective gasps of overwhelming surprise at the reveal. Who would have thought that after a humble twenty-one titles in seven years we’d be seeing more? But the repetitive nature of this series is not my peave… this is.

Recently, a member of the Ubisoft team dismissed setting AC in Feudal Japan because it had been too “well-mined“, essentially implying that they wanted to think outside the box and do something different (ironic considering the subject matter… but moving on). I personally thought the idea of Feudal Japan with a kick-arse female protagonist would be neat, but alas it was not to be. Instead they opted for Victorian England. Seem familiar? That’s because it is. It’s a theme that’s already been ‘mined’ and just recently with Dishonored, Thief and of course in the upcoming The Order 1886 – just to name a few major titles off the top of my head. I’m even tempted to throw in Bloodborne for all its gloom and flintlock fantasy elements.

I would have been impressed if they had been good to their word and thrown us an actual curve ball like Australia and the Eureka Stockade. Now that would have been ‘different’ because that’s NEVER been done and it took me all of two seconds to think of it. But silly me, I should know that ‘been done before’ only applies when there’s at least five titles with the same theme.


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