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REVIEW: Far Cry 4

Summary: This open-world, first-person shooter makes it to a 4th game in the series, this time starring some kind of Eurasian pimp as the main bad guy.

Concept: You shoot bad guys, hunt (or hide from) wildlife, explore the world and ride vehicles – essentially the same format we’ve become accustomed to, but much more impressive to look at. The new main villain is the star of the show again, but you play Ajay Ghale, a young Kyrati-American who returns to his native country Kyrat (in Nepal) to spread his deceased mother’s ashes. Upon returning he is ambushed by armed militants and forced to pick a side of a raging Civil War. It’s a decent premise to build on but it never really grabs you. It tries harder with the story this time, but you’ll find that riding an elephant and wingsuit diving is way more important than the task at hand.

FC4_Screen_Himalayas_Snowmobile_GC_140813_10amCET_1407889598.jpg“I said… NO snowmobiles!”

Graphics: The visuals are quite astounding, and it’s the first game of the series to leap out and “wow” me. The most impressive aspect is the open world scenery. The lush green lands and snow-capped mountains look so good, it feels like you are really there.

Gameplay: Instead of just running around with a gun, you also have a large variety of vehicles to drive around in, including traditional wheels, snow mobiles, wingsuit gliding and even personal gyrocopters. Hunting also returns, but it’s far more dangerous than before. The wildlife includes elephants, tigers, rhino’s and bears to name just a few of the wildlife terrors roaming the land. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, some moments of the game change to a trippy, mythical setting of Shangri-La, where you’re knife-fighting masked natives in a low gravity world – uh-huh!

FC4_Screen_ShangriLa_Beheader_GC_140813_10amCET_1407889635Drugs ‘r bad, hm’kay.

Sound: There’s not a memorable moment to be had from the sound or music, but it’s all pretty standard and up to scratch. Troy Baker, voice actor for pretty much everything, does a good job playing the bad guy.

Multiplayer: Not about to be undone by a shoddy multiplayer, two player co-op adds even more to the experience, allowing mates to drop in and help you raid a village, hunt, or undertake a specific task. Competitive multiplayer has two factions fighting against each other (5v5) in different ways: The Golden Path side, which uses guns, explosives and traps (you know, typical Far Cry gameplay) versus the Rakshasa, who uses mystical powers seen in the Shangri-La levels, like blink arrows, invisibility and animal attacks. It’s a bit annoying that some matches are quite unbalanced at times, but we recommend getting your friends and giving this a go.

FC4_Screen_OW_Rhinos_GC_140813_10amCET_1407889628.jpgThe job at the zoo wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Awesomeness: What is it about this series that bores me to tears every time it comes out? It looks great, sounds great, plays well, has an okay story and literally does everything very well. Yet for some reason, I’m not excited for it and find playing it a chore, but why? My reasons sound nitpicky, but the characters are a weakness (again), which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s hard to care for the game when you don’t care for the people involved. Ajay has motive but seems completely ambivalent to the dangers and emotions around him. Also, the objectives you undertake seem quite irrelevant and forgettable in the grand scheme of things, which is odd considering how important you were regarded by both warring factions at the start of the game.

Final Word: With a beautiful open-world, plenty of random activities and a semi-decent story to follow, this game ticks almost all the right boxes. But there’s a nagging feeling that gets you after a while and it’s an inability to keep the player interested. It’s a very well-executed game that is fun to play in moments, but like all the games before it, an inability to immerse the gamer with weak characters and poor direction makes this one of the most impressive, dull games I’ve ever played.

REVIEW: Far Cry 4 IceCube

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out of 5 bugs

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