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Published on February 11th, 2015 | by IceCube

GLiTCH Plays: Mortal Kombat X

Hi guys,

GLiTCH here again with another preview! This week I got a private session with Mortal Kombat X!

The build I played wasn’t yet complete, so I wasn’t able to see much of the modes or features, but I did get to play several times as every character, so for this preview, I’ve decided to break down each character and give you my impressions of them. After you select your character, you can choose one of three unique fighting styles which vary your special moves, weapons and/or combos.



 The electrifying Elder God of Thunder uses lightning strikes, teleportation and static traps. His traditional moves remain, but I found his new moves (like static traps) quite complicated, as they required several steps which take too long to execute in such a fast game. Expert players could show off a lot online if they can use Raiden’s abilities to full effect.

Cassie Cage


 The daughter of past fighters, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, her spec ops tactics involves guns, nutcracker punches and bubblegum. I enjoyed playing her much more than her parents combined. I admit, she behaves like a bratty teen, but she also backs it up with cool moves and pro tactics. She’s kinda like the Harley Quinn of the DC Universe.

Sub Zero


 Little is known about the new Sub Zero, but like the forebarers of his name, he creates ice weapons, barriers and clones of himself. His new moves feel more defensive than offensive, best served as a means to punish those who come at him. He’s a little ‘cold’ and uninspiring, but tough to crack.

Ferra Torr


Torr is a lumbering beast who obeys the will of his young rider, Ferra, a savage and twisted kid. My favourite move had Ferra being thrown at his opponents, before sprinting back to ride Torr’s shoulders. But when Torr is free of his ‘burden’, his attacks change and can roll around more. This duo is a bit of black comedy and one of the best characters in the series. Their moves are amusing but surprisingly lack variety.

Quan Chi


This evil bald sorcerer slings those klassic green ethereal skulls, can conjure a nether realm bat as an ally, and misdirects with dimensional portals. Still one of the most feared fighters in the series, I found that using mind control, teleportation and cross-dimensional portals was effective and looks cool.



 The brood mother of insects uses poisonous stingers and summons swarms of wasps to tear her enemies apart. Call it luck, but I did really well with this humanoid honey-bee. Her pointy stingers are both deadly and quick while her wasps are effective at range. The fickle speeds of her attacks makes her tough to predict.




 The Aussie crime lord brings a Crocodile Dundee knife to the arena, as well as a bionic eye beam that cuts through flesh. He hasn’t evolved very much since the original game, making him kinda uninteresting. His best move, the bionic eye, doesn’t have much range or power, so I think he’s still playing the pawn.

Kotal Kahn


A demon lord of the ancient Aztec arts, this large monster enhances his power through the sun god. Big and slow, he summons totems to buff himself, or drawing blood (which wounds) to get a huge attack bonus. He’s tricky to master, but powerful with practice.



 We all know this guy: the assassin clan leader who returned from the dead to seek vengeance using dual swords and hellfire attacks. He’s easy to use and just as deadly and effective as ever. The mix of blades, flames and that klassic “Get Over Here!” move was brutally strong.



The sexiest character of the series is back and my goodness those fans are sharp! She wields them around like a dance, finely slicing away at my opponents’ health. Her attacks are relatively similar to earlier games, but that’s just the way we like it.

Kung Lao


 As ever with Kung Lao, it’s all about the razor-edged hat. Not only could I fling it at foes like an uncatchable frisbee, but I could also change the timing of it so meshed with combos. His standard kicks and punches were very fast and sudden, letting me come out in front of tiebreaker strikes.



 Kinda seen as a replacement for Shang Tsung, the last stage boss of he original game, he slowly floats across the arena, but controls the battle using the souls he has collected over time. His powers practically grab his opponents from a distance and directs or damages them by throwing them around. I found him more powerful than before.

For more on Mortal Kombat X, stay tuned at Gamebug.com.au!

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