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GLiTCH Plays: Battlefield: Hardline

Hi guys, GLiTCH here again with another preview, this time I played multiplayer sessions on Battlefield: Hardline.

I love that EA have tried something different here. I mean, let’s face it, EA isn’t exactly reknowned for their new IP’s. At E3 last year, they were 11 of 11 for reboots, spin-offs or sequels. Boo.

Alas, here we are with yet another Battlefield, but it appears they’ve stopped chasing Call of Duty’s tail and are looking towards Grand Theft Auto. The former first-person military shooter is now a cops versus robbers affair, and for that bold switch, I tip my box head to them.

The big question is, does it work? The short answer is: Yeah, sure, why not?

I’m not a multiplayer-deathmatch-etcetera guy. I don’t do shoot, die, respawn, on repeat more than a few times before I get bored and invest in something new. But I know they are popular and can tell a good one from a poor one.

First and foremost, to me, this really feels like “a Batttlefield game”, despite the aesthetic changes. Sure, we have cop cars and getaway sedans instead of tanks and jeeps – but this is the same game in new wrapping. That’s a fantastic thing if you’re a fan of the series, but just more bad memories if you don’t like the genre.

bfh_devdiary2_thumbnail_watermarkedWant to know the name of the game? These TINY LOGOS will tell you.

One of the biggest issues I had is that I really had little idea what was going on in these 8v8 matches. I started as a cop, sprinted into a police car and drove out of the HQ car park. In Battlefield games you typically have a gun and shoot your opposition. In this game I wasn’t sure if I should shoot at something, or treat it like Need for Speed and chase and ram vehicles off the road. Ultimately I found it was a bit of both.

I pretty much drove around the city streets looking for action (kinda like my real life). I’d vaguely drive toward the direction of one of those HUD markers until I got distracted by the sight of a robber, or simply got myself lost and turned back.

If the robber(s) were in a sedan, I’d try to ram it off the road as it seemed like the only thing I could do from the drivers seat. Then it was a race to get out of the car and try to shoot them with my automatic rifle. I was doing this because they had a red marker on them. They could have been nice friendly civilians as far as I knew.

bfhl_screens_downtown_hotwire2_wmI’m sure I looked this this cool when chasing down the bad guys.

The radio was reporting the action, probably useful information that I could have used… Who knows? I was too busy not helping my team. It seemed odd that the robbers were scattered around the streets, driving, shooting. I’m not sure what their aim was or why I was stopping them, though that’s probably more my ignorance and lack of desire to find out, than any fault of the game.

As I find with all mutliplayer deathmatches, I died a lot at the hands of the pros I was up against. I think that’s why I preferred staying in the car and running them down – my panicky gun aim is terrible in multiplayer shooters.

A few times at respawn, I’d wait for my car to fill with team mates before taking off. The passengers could stick guns out the window and shoot. The problem is, I am absolutely s**t and had no idea where I was going. No doubt my faithful passengers were shaking their heads at me.

Driving felt sharp. Very sharp. And for this game, it was kinda good. It’s so easy to get stuck or jammed in tight spots (particularly after collisions) that you need those sharp brakes and turns to cut corners at full speed.

I did explore a bit once too. I entered a random skyscraper at ground level, took an elevator to the rooftop and found myself a rocket launcher (naturally). “This should be fun!” I thought. I walked to the edge and – taking my time – I lined up my perfect shot and pressed the trigger button. Click. Nothing. Click, click click. Nothing, nothing, nothing. I madly pressed every button on the controller. Nothing. “Screw this,” I thought, jumping off the building. Turns out I had a parachute, and a bad guy just below me. He couldn’t see me, so all I had to do was shoot him for an easy, badass, parachute-kill. Naturally, I completely missed him. Even when I landed behind him, I had a number of free shots at him within metres before he even realized I was there. Hit some, missed most, took too long, I was dead. Yep, that’s me at these games. So much epic fail it’s embarrassing.

In the next match I was the robbers, in a desert town. Again, I had no clue what I was doing, so I took a motorcycle and jetted off into the town, bouncing over dunes, crashing into everything that was and wasn’t in my way. I eventually reached my marker which was an orange van, so I got in, and – not sure where to take it – I crashed it, ditched it, died again, and respawned back to the start.

bfhl_screens_dustbowl_hotwire_wmThis is me playing if I was really badass.

I did get to fly a chopper twice though. That was cool, but the controls were a mess. The first time I crashed pretty quickly. The second time I had passengers and I was actually pretty good at it. My buddies were shooting from above and I had no idea if my height and angles were good or bad. All I did was try to hover the chopper over the centre of the battle field. It takes a lot of focus because the controls feel like they’re backwards. I did crash it eventually, but I seemed to have better control than the other players around me. Yay, something to cheer about.

That’s pretty much my experience with multiplayer of Battlefield: Hardline. Don’t ask me what the modes were, gun models or vehicle makes – I have no clue. I enjoyed these multiplayer modes a little more than the previous Battlefield games. I’m all for innovation in the games industry – and even though we’re stuck with the same game each year – at least it looks a little different.

I can’t see any reason why the Battlefield regulars wouldn’t be into this. It feels like the old Battlefield, has a fresh touch with the new concept, and adds a little Need for Speed to the gameplay.

As for me, my multiplayer attitude remains unmoved. I’ve seen glimpses of the single player campaign and I’m much more interested in that to be honest. It looks like they did their homework there.

For more on Battlefield: Hardline, stay tuned to Gamebug.com.au!


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