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REVIEW: The Order: 1886

Summary: A third-person shooter set in a Victorian London with a very cool steam punk twist.

Concept: You play as a knight of The Order, an enclave sworn to hunt down beasts known as half-breeds (infected humans who turn into werewolves and feast on humans). You play as Sir Galahad, an experienced knight of the order who uncovers a conspiracy that has taken root within the very order he swore to protect. With an array of gadgets and high tech weaponry designed by a young Nikola Tesla, Sir Galahad is certainly bringing the fight.

Global_Exclusive_1_1392377334“Be honest… Should I keep the mo’?”

Graphics: It is the most beautiful game I have ever seen. The visual fidelity that this game presents is remarkable and shows the power of the PS4 as a platform and teases the potential for future games. The graphics transition from cut scene to gameplay as if nothing changed. Sadly, however, the graphics are the games only saving grace.

Gameplay: The game is focused around third-person cover based shooting galleries, where enemies will try to overrun your position to kill you. However, your A.I partners don’t help you much so you’re pretty much on your own. The game also doesn’t include much of shooting anyway, as you’re spending most of your time listening to conversations and watching cutscenes. Major boss battle rely too heavily on quick-time events, which feel like lazy mirror images of each other.

CRE0199_The_Order_1886_Gameplay_B-roll_101_1424085184.9927.Still021_tif_jpgcopyHalf-breed Harry struggled with the dance routine.

Sound: The voice acting is superb and each character has a believable English accent which makes the environment more immersive. This is helped by the games weapon sounds with muzzle flashes and gunshots; being in a firefight is audibly intense on your ears.

Multiplayer: I’m not normally a multiplayer guy, but after trying this game many times in solo mode, I do recommend the multiplayer. Even in my group, consisting of two random French-speaking guys and an over-panicking, screaming kid, I had more fun than I did playing solo. There’s something about the nature of human error and tendencies that makes the game more enjoyable. The more you play the more perks and rewards you can enjoy, and also unlock new characters in your used class.

CRE0189_The_Order_PSX_Assets_Airship_192_F50347_1417870256_tif_jpgcopyThe job at the zoo wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Awesomeness: This game has a really interesting setting and world and I would have loved to have explored it more. The different guns in this psuedo time period are really cool and awesome to use, like the Thermite gun, which sprays enemies with a cloud of flammable thermite and is ignited by a secondary barrel that shoots a flare, burning your enemies to cinder as well as forcing them from cover.

Final Word: The Order is an astonishingly good looking game, but for all its bells and whistles, I don’t think it makes the cut. The game’s story is delivered in a poor way where nothing gels well and the pacing is odd. One moment you’re in an intense firefight, the next your slowly walking, having a conversation and looking around, or watching a ten-minute cut scene play out. Or you are participating in the copious amounts of quick-time events that plagued most parts of the game. It feels like a tech demo demonstrating the power and future of the PS4 but that’s all it is. If your looking for a game I’m disappointed to say that it is more an interactive movie than game

REVIEW: The Order: 1886 Kingy

Score out of 5 bugs


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out of 5 bugs

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