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REVIEW: DmC – Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition

Summary: The demon-slaying, third-person action game reboot from last-generation consoles has an HD overhaul, including all existing DLC and new gameplay modes.

Concept: I’ll just come out and say it: If you want to dismiss this game without playing it like so many others have, you are mad! Some fans of the series dissed this reboot because Dante, the main character, didn’t have silver wavy locks for hair. I too, once basked in the glory of the Devil May Cry heyday, and loved every minute of it. But let’s be real – after DMC4 – this series was in desperate need of a reboot, and new developers, Ninja Theory, couldn’t have done a better job enhancing the gameplay, giving the characters some character, beefing up the action and creating a fluid story that makes so much sense, using existing lore.

11194067795_384548f977_bDante put that battle in ink.

Graphics: This was a previous-generation game, yet it still looks great for current gen standards, partly thanks to the upgrade to 1080p and 60 frames per second. You battle it out in set pieces that are loaded with remarkable detail. Every time you are drawn into Limbo, the world around you shatters, crumbles, warps and alters state, making for mesmerizing visuals. Between gameplay, the amazing details in the cutscenes capture the emotions of the characters, enhancing the depth of the story.

Gameplay: We drooled over the fluent combat mechanics that allow for any mix of combo attacks your heart desires. Your attacks are a smooth mesh of jumps, gunfire, rolls, blade strikes, heavenly attacks and hellish attacks, which get more and more epic as you collect hidden red orbs and spend them on upgrades. This new edition has introduced a new, optional lock-on feature, that lets you target your foe of choice.

DMC-Devil-May-Cry-1080p-Wallpaper-35-Dante-Vs-Rage-SpawnHell hounds: Tougher to train than most house hold pets.

Sound: The character dialogue is a mix of highs and lows, that is ultimately captivating and presents great chemistry between the characters, particularly in the more intimate moments later in the game. Some gamers have stated a distaste of Dante’s young, brash, attitude, but as his story deepens, his character opens up, revealing a sensitive side underneath the brash persona – well played, developers. We also loved the crunchy guitar tunes during action scenes, adding to the hellish atmosphere whence demons spawn.

Awesomeness: This game is awesome and this up-scaled remaster with all bonus content makes it even better. Sure some fans of the series prefer Dante’s silver hair and traditionally emotionless demeanour. But the developers, Ninja Theory, are too good at character development and formulating great stories that an important tale was inevitable.

11771718503_ae8acbebf1_bDante’s blind date was a bit of a disappointment.

Final Word: What does this game do wrong? The gameplay is smooth, the action has variety, the story is excellent, the character development is sincere, the history well explained (finally) and the creative worlds are imaginative. Your character improves, the combos are electric, each boss battle is unique, the graphics are superb, the music is exciting, there’s plenty of secrets, several new modes, all the DLC, and other unlockables. Oh, and they even quelled the cries with a player choice to give Dante back his effeminate, silver hair of the future. Am I going to take points away because a young, cocky demon slayer has a brash attitude? Nah.

REVIEW: DmC – Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition IceCube

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