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REVIEW: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Summary: The previously Japanese-only PSP game is finally released in the West in HD form. But does it live up to the franchise’s history?

Concept: The story of Final Fantasy Type-0 is very hard to follow at the start but it boils down to the land of Orience having four major factions, each with a crystal which provides power and an emblem to their society. The game begins when the White Tiger’s Militesi Empire have started a war against the other factions, the city of Rubrum in particular, and Class Zero get drawn into the battle. They are able to use magic despite a crystal jammer that Cid Aulstyne, the White Tiger’s military commander, has ordered into the city to prevent any defense. You control a team made up of the 14 Class Zero members throughout various missions. The story is engaging (once you can decipher it) and an action game with some of the Final Fantasy XIII terminology brought in is a really nice change to the Final Fantasy formula.

7eb410ad-3c4d-4c22-84c9-fa920e535c1f._V331018677_Never look at a pack of cards the same!

Graphics: It looks fairly decent and the style is great, but the camera angle causes problems at times. It looks more like a high-end last generation game than anything. The real problems graphically are more than likely due to the game being a port from the original PSP game.

Gameplay: This differentiates itself from the Final Fantasy standard by being more action focused than the traditional turn-based battle system. Each character has their own weapon so there is a fair bit of variety in whether you use short range weapons, long range weapons, or magic. This was really fun for me and I quickly found character’s I loved to use. I tend to like a turn-based JRPG over an action game but this is a nice mix of the two. There are some RTS sections which I found a little hard to get used to but they aren’t bad once you acclimatize to them and are really only side content.

1411666496-final-fantasy-type-0-hd-8Running is an excellent choice here.

Sound: The music is outstanding, as it always is with the series in my opinion. The narration during cutscenes is done in a History Channel style which is fun despite it’s campy nature. The only real problems come from the voice acting which can be very ordinary at times. The Moogle voice makes a comeback from the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy which is super annoying…

Awesomeness: This is very much one of those titles that has a slow start, but after a couple of hours, really hooks you. The fun-factor of the side missions can be very hit and miss, but the epic adventure of battling through an amazing world distracts you from any short comings.

92490897-vollbild“Umm you might want to attack?”

Final Word: I really love this Final Fantasy spin off and found it to be more open and less linear than Final Fantasy XIII (which I loved, despite all the criticism). Definitely worth a look if you like a story driven game with fun mechanics. There are probably plenty of people who bought this game solely for the Final Fantasy XV demo that comes with it, but there really is a gem of an RPG here (especially for current gen which has very few so far). If you have enjoyed any past Final Fantasy games, this is one to jump back in with and see if the style and different battle system is for you. It certainly was an unexpected hit for me!

REVIEW: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD CJay

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out of 5 bugs

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