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REVIEW: Lego Jurassic World

Summary: The Lego franchise continues: only now with more dinosaurs! How much fun can be had in this world of T-Rex’s and Raptors? Most importantly, how does the series evolve after so many previous outings? Let’s take a look.

Concept: Mix Lego and the four Jurassic Park films and this is what you get! It shows the main events of the movies with some cute NPC character comments thrown in for humor’s sake. If you have played any Lego game, you know exactly what to expect. The levels contain puzzles and action; along with plenty of collectable finding and smashing of bricks. There is an “overworld” to explore – in fact – you choose either Jurassic Park or World (after completing the first level) and explore from there.

Almost looks like Lego Indy, but it’s just Lego Dr Grant.

Graphics: The Lego characters and world look okay but there seems to be a lack of polish overall. This is not a graphical powerhouse, obviously, and I truly think the last-gen versions look very similar to that on current-gen.

Gameplay: Punching, shooting, building, climbing… all the usual action can be seen here. The puzzles are simple but decent enough to make you stop collecting studs for a second. The collect-athon nature of the Lego games is addictive as always. It is also fun to explore what can be found in the overworld. Vehicles provide transport in the overworld and control quite nicely. Playing as dinosaurs is a nice touch and does bring something a bit different. The character selection has over 100 characters including Mr DNA.


Be quiet… be very quiet!

Sound: The music and voices are in keeping with the films and seem to be ripped straight out of them. The mix is a bit off at times so voices are a bit lower than you would like. Music is great as the soundtrack of the films has always been exceptional so that helps a bit.

Multiplayer: Local co-op only as we have come to expect. Why they can’t have an easy option for playing with a friend online is mystifying. Playing with two players has always been a great way to progress through the story mode of a Lego game and some of the early games were significantly easier with two heads to sort out puzzles. This one is great fun with or without a friend alongside.


“What have you been doing son?!”

Awesomeness: Lego Jurassic World is fun and will take plenty of time to collect everything and build all your dinosaurs to display in the park. The only downside is that there is nothing new here. The series is such fun, in part, because you know what you will get, but is there value in continually providing basically the same game year after year? I’m not sure. Just remember, you might encounter a few bugs here and there but nothing too egregious. Oh and the family friendly factor certainly works in it’s favor.

Final Word: If you are ready for another Lego adventure, you could do worse than choose this one. If you are a fan of Jurassic Park in general, this will definitely be up your alley. If you want a unique experience, however, this is not it.

REVIEW: Lego Jurassic World CJay

Score out of 5 bugs




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