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REVIEW: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Summary: The action series starring Dante continues in one of it’s biggest stories, now on current gen consoles! Is it worth investing in this series as a newcomer or should you skip to the reboot DmC? Let’s see what this game offers.

Concept: You can choose to either start your adventure as Dante and Nero, as Vergil alone (which seems the easiest for the beginner) or as Lady and Trish. This adds some variety especially for those who have already played DMC4. The characters play differently with customizable controls. You can choose your difficulty at first as well as an automatic option to make gameplay and leveling up easier. There is a new mode, Legendary Dark Knight which was previously a PC mode only. There is also a turbo option to increase speed for the hardcore fan. Devil May Cry 4 is all about feeling like a bad ass and killing as many enemies as possible.

Gun play at it’s finest.

Graphics: Due to this being a remaster the graphics do look a bit dated despite being updated from the 360/PS3 game. The characters stand out from the background in a slightly weird way but I have certainly seen worse. This is the sort of game where you can overlook it’s sort comings in this area if you are enjoying the gameplay enough.

Gameplay: Devil May Cry is all about action, combos and combat. You get ratings for each mission completed so you are rewarded for taking down enemies efficiently. The story can be the real draw if you are willing to suspend your disbelief. The wacky anime nature is something you will either love to dismiss as ridiculous. The environments you fight in range from castles to more peaceful forests and snowy cities. Getting the craziest and highest combos is your focus and all the cool weapons, grappling hooks and costumes provide nice window dressing. The problems with DMC4 lie in the fair amount of backtracking between areas and bosses you are sometimes faced with as well as some troublesome puzzles to complete to move forward. The camera is not exactly perfect here either.

Smokin’ Sick Style!

Sound: The music is a mixture of hard rock and some classical soundtrack themes. It is pretty enjoyable overall. The only complaint I have is the voice levels could be a bit higher than the music by default as you might miss some dialogue occasionally.

Awesomeness: This is one of those games that is the definition of awesome because of it’s style and full-on insane story. Seeing characters parry bullets with a sword in the first mission followed by Dante ripping a massive sword out of his body after a fight, pretty much let me know what I was in for. I can see that trying to improve your scores on missions and working on your combat style could be pretty addictive. This is a replayable game due to it’s multiple character playthroughs.

This town doesn’t look too healthy.

Final Word: This sort of action game is the type I want to love more than I actually do. Devil May Cry has clearly influenced many other games I have tried including Asura’s Wrath and Bayonetta. I think the reboot DmC (also now remastered for current gen) might be easier to get into overall. If you are really into this style of anime action, you will find a lot to love here but this genre is not for everyone and doesn’t have a lot of staying power for me personally.

REVIEW: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition CJay

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