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REVIEW: Batman: Arkham Knight

Summary: A third-person action/adventure game where you become the Batman in a fully realised and extremely detailed Gotham city.

Concept: You play as the Batman skilled martial artist, detective and ultimate badass. You will glide over the streets of Gotham, looking to break skulls and save civilians. This being the final game in the Arkham trilogy this game will not just test Batman physically; but psychologically as well. The main bad guy pulling the strings is none other than, Scarecrow. Using his fear toxin and with the help of a new mystery character , the “Arkham Knight”; they plan to cover Gotham in fear and send it spiralling down into chaos.

” For a guy who sew his mouth half shut he sure does talk a lot”

Graphics: Despite the problems that is plaguing the PC version of Arkham Knight, the game looks beautiful on PS4. The game runs smooth and gliding in the during the night with the rain splashing against Batman’s cape is astonishing to look at. Not to mention the centrepiece of Arkham Night, the Batmobile is gorgeous and smashes through nearly everything, with it’s jet exhaust on the back using the afterburner makes everything feel and look faster.

 Gameplay: The Arkham games have always had the same combat system, but with each iteration they find exciting new ways to spice up the combat. Batman still pulls punches and counter’s, but now Batman takes use of his environment making for some bone crushing takedowns. Stealth has a new mechanic with the addition of “Fear Takedowns”. Thank’s to Batman’s new suit he’s able to take down 3 enemies at once in slow motion. And of course you cannot leave out the Batmobile; this is probably the biggest new feature. The Batmobile is fast, agile and is also transforms into a tank. It is so much fun driving around the city and the new Riddler challenges capitalise’s on the driving.

“This is literally a billion dollar car, also a tank (bonus).”

Sound: Kevin Conroy is back voicing the Dark Knight himself providing extra fear and terror into all the thugs he interrogates. With this game also has an ever bigger cast of character’s showing off more of Batman’s allies such as Robin, Nightwing, Lucius Fox, Jim Gordon and that’s just to name a few. The Batmobile also sounds amazing when driving around the street’s of an abandoned Gotham city, having no worries as you crash into stone walls and crank the afterburner. Fighting also sounds great with each hit sounding with a crack, not as funny as the old fashioned “POW” or “Wallop”, but still great.

Awesomeness: The marketing for this game repeated the same phrase over and over, “Be The Batman” and honestly that is exactly how this game makes you feel. Whether your investigating into a suspicious murder using Batman’s detective skills, locking up bad guys in an ever growing Police lock up you feel like the Batman. The game gives you all the skills and expensive toys that Batman has and let’s you feel awesome. And with a narrative that is so fantastic and a solid end to this amazing trilogy of games there really is nothing more that can be said.

bak_sshot088“Nanananananananana Batman!”

Final Words: Batman: Arkham Knight is an amazing game. Allowing player’s to experience a vast and incredibly detailed Gotham city and to become in this final game is fantastic. With excellent combat, Stealth and detective gameplay, Arkham Knight is a game for the ages. With a narrative that is so awesome and a solid end to this amazing trilogy of games there really is nothing more that can be said.

REVIEW: Batman: Arkham Knight Kingy

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