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Summary: The latest MotoGP title makes its way to consoles and PC with all new updated graphics and rosters for the latest season.

Concept: This game is jam packed with different ways to play. There are multiple rosters to choose from MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 and you can also ride as your own character. You can choose a name, clothes, one of several faces and your country of origin. There are Championships to win, Time Trials to practice, multiplayer including online and split screen and a Beat The Time mode featuring famous races of the 2014 season.

Some beautiful bikes on display.

Graphics: The riders and bikes look really great and the tracks are very decent. The only let down here is the character models you see before each race are truly awful. Thankfully this seems to be the game’s only major weak point as far as it’s graphics go.

Gameplay: This game is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. I am definitely not a beginner at racing games in general but as far as the sub-genre of motorbike racing goes, most of my experience comes from arcade racers and didn’t help me much. That said, despite my terrible performance to start with, I was still enjoying the races and feel like this is a good game to improve my skills on.

Staying on the track is harder than it looks!

Sound: Not much to note here, as the only music is in menu and the engine sounds while good, are not that exciting let’s face it!

Multiplayer: I am thankful for the split screen option which isn’t always considered nowadays. The online seems stable. It took a little while to get into a race, but once I did, it was smooth sailing (or riding…ahem). You can race in a quick race or a sprint championship. You level up in both single and multiplayer and this level is shown to those when matching online. It also shows percent of dropouts so you know not to play against someone who is always dropping out. All up, this was quite a bit of fun.


Awesomeness: Racing in championships and career mode is engaging even if you aren’t winning every race. There are night races as well as day ones and multiple weather options. You can choose a quick race with a random racer and track if you want a quick speed fix and something less engrossing. There are plenty of bikes to choose from as well as many tracks.

Final Words: This simulation racer is well made and will certainly keep you involved for hours on end. It is not a perfect game by any means but if you are into motor racing, you will learn a lot from MotoGP 15. Not a game for everyone as I found it quite challenging but it is one of those games where a slow improvement in your skill level is satisfying.

REVIEW: MotoGP 15 CJay

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