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REVIEW: F1 2015

Summary: The first F1 game on the current generation of consoles is here! F1 2015 also includes the F1 2014 session so you are kind of getting two F1 games for the price of one.

Concept: A simulation racer can’t get much more real than an F1 endorsed product. This game has practice and qualifying sessions before races as well as plenty of pit options. You have the option to race in a championship, a quick race, pro season mode (definitely for the hard core), time trials and multiplayer.

It’s hard to tell this isn’t real.

Graphics: This is flat out the best racing game I have seen. Everything looks real; tracks, cars and the weather and light effects. Once I noticed the heat coming off the back of my car I knew this was going to be amazing. My only complaint was a bit of frame-rate slow down every now and then.

Gameplay: This is actually not too hard to control for a simulation. There are many difficulty and assist options which make it easy to pick up. This was my first F1 game but I had no troubles. The sessions are long but you can choose between 3 lengths of practise/qualifying and race.

F1_2015_Montreal_006_1433777003Even the rain is beautiful.

Sound: The Sky Sports commentators lend some credence to this title and fit in great. Your engineer speaks through the PS4 controller on the PS4 version which seems to be a new standard and is very welcome. The only problem is the volume on this is a bit low by default. The engine noises are accurate and the music is only in title screens but is suitable. You can use voice commands to ask about status updates and give pit directions. This is really an awesome touch and I can see it being quite useful.

Multiplayer: The biggest problem with multiplayer is that if you want to create a custom season, you can only do it with a private lobby (aka with friends), which frankly might be preferable but it sucks not to have more options in the public races. That said, racing online went rather smoothly and while you wait to be joined in a session you can continue to play the game locally. Not perfect, but not bad either.

With all the formal pit crew jobs taken, the role of car masseuse was born.

Awesomeness: I have heard from fans of past games that this one stands up quite well as far as the series is considered. I think any racing game that has you saying “Just one more try around the track!” is a winner. There are some nitpicky issues with this game, including lack of safety cars, lack of options in race length and multiplayer is missing some variants that would improve the fun. It does seem like, in order to get this game ready for current gen they had to strip out some options which will probably return in 2016.

Final Words: This is an amazing racer and I am surprised at how outstanding it looks. There is plenty to do, especially due to the fact you can race in both the 2014 and 2015 seasons. If you are interested in the sport of F1 you’ll probably be interested already but this even works well for a relative newcomer.

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