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Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Migsy

REVIEW: The Elder Scrolls Online – Tamriel Unlimited

Concept: Basically you’re dead, but not completely, I assure you. Because, well, you seem to be kinda-sorta alive. After spending copious amounts of time designing your character, you come across an ally named Lyris who explains to you the details of your peculiar predicament, and how you were lucky enough to be the sacrificial lamb to a Prince named Molag Bal. It is up to you and your band of merry friends (if you choose to work together) to save the world of Tamriel once again in this open-world, MMORPG.

Graphics: It does look like a typical PC MMO game that has just translated into a console. I mean, the colors are amazing but it does seem like a downgrade compared to what I have seen on a high end PC. The world is beautiful and the characters have some great designs, but overall, does not look like a current-gen console game when stacked against other games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, for example. At times the landscapes and sunsets look amazing, then at other times it does have that “boxy” feel where the textures aren’t the smoothest.

“You guys go towards the fire. I’ll stay back and, er… defend you.”

Gameplay: It was quite easy to execute all the spells and moves with the controller. You are also able to switch between first person and third person, which I thought is a nice touch. You can’t bind several spells due to the lack of buttons on the controller, and it’s a bit time consuming and hard to organize your inventory on the console rather than on a PC. The control scheme and menus don’t translate very well to a console.
The great thing about your character is its development. There are literally hundreds of skills you can learn and with the many types of builds to make, no two characters play the same.

Sound: The audio is great and when battles start, it delivers an epic LOTR type of feel to it. Even the creatures, spells and weapons all have a good sound to them. All the NPC’s have voice dialog which is quite cool. A lot of them do sound the same though (or maybe that’s just me!). The other thing that surprised me is the proximity chat. During a Twitch stream, I suddenly heard “voices” and had no idea where it was coming from. Turns out I was just near other players. I understand the concept of it – it’s actually quite fun and entertaining at times – but at other times can be annoying when its just people shouting at each other or the mic is picking up their background music.

The new enemies are simply shocking.

Multiplayer: Although it starts of quite slow, once you hit level 10, the game truly starts to come alive. PvP unlocks, and you can team up with your faction to fight in 300 player battles that are epic! The maps are massive in PvP. The world is so alive with characters, I might start yelling at NPC’s who take my kill, before discovering it’s another player. At times multiplayer can get a little annoying, especially if you have to kill the same enemy twice because it wasn’t triggered properly. There are also group dungeons, where communication is key and people in your party take on certain roles like: mage, healer, attacker, support, so you can strategically bring down your enemy.

Awesomeness: This is one of those games that once you hit a certain level, you feel a sense of accomplishment, and you are no longer the weakest thing on the food chain looking longingly at other players better equipped than you are. It becomes more and more addictive, but I think  that only comes when you reach a certain point in the game. I can see the quests, dungeons, PvP will make this game a time sink for you. Did I also mention it was subscription free?

“That still only counts as one!”

Final Word: Seeing as this is my first ever Elder Scrolls game (and yes, I have been told to play the other games as well!) I was told that this one is lacking compared to its predecessors. I don’t think you should go into this game thinking it is like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There is also a massive learning curve, so unless you’re blessed to have some friends who will show you the ropes (or in my case, people on the Twitch stream who feel bad for the noob who cant seem to follow directions!), there will be a lot of trial and error awaiting you. The world is very vast and you are never alone. I definitely see this game as being a total time sink for MMO fans (if they can get past the whole tedious beginning part).

REVIEW: The Elder Scrolls Online – Tamriel Unlimited Migsy

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