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Published on August 22nd, 2015 | by IceCube

REVIEW: Onechanbara Z2 Chaos

Summary: Uh, oh, call the controversy police! Two sets of buxom vampire sisters are out to rid the world of zombies and monsters, sending limbs and blood flying everywhere through a variety of acrobatic attacks.

Concept: Four bikini babes warriors from rival clans are forced to team up and unite their unique fighting styles to defeat a greater evil of undead monsters. Modes include Story, Mission and Practice, and it’s loaded with combat ‘style’ goals and unlockable costumes and weapons. The script features a lot of trash talking and ditzy silliness between the girls, which is as cheesy as you’d expect. But all things fair, there’s never a dull moment, and the light entertainment and development of their camaraderie has a fun schtick.

It was the last time his eyes wandered down.

Graphics: I was pleasantly surprised by how crisp and colourful the characters looked, particularly for a game that’s been upscaled from a PS3. They don’t have anywhere near the amount of texture and detail we’re used to seeing in games today, but that’s part of it’s animated charm. The team really copped out with lazy and confined sandbox backgrounds, which are tight, restrictive and low in detail – but at least we could choose to fight in a wide variety of settings around the world.

Gameplay: Combat has come a long way since Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad on Xbox 360 and Wii, and I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements. It’s now a really smooth fighting game that only gets better when you spend the yellow orbs you collect on additional skills, combos, weapons and rings. Each girl has her own fighting style and weapon, with a large variety of combos that require practice to master (and remember!). You can switch between the girls even in mid-combo by pushing up or down on the d-pad, or call all four girls at once if you’ve gathered enough kills for a short burst of time. Each girl can also power-up an “ecstasy move” that clears the room of enemies in style, as well as morph into a blood-lusting, demonic form, that makes her berserk with improved damage. Boss fights shake it up with close-up, quick time events that use the PS4 touchpad very responsively.

Boss battles get up close and personal with directional touchpad swipes.

Sound: Gotta love a bit of J-pop rock, featuring quite a large variety of guitar-chugging tunes for menus and levels. The limited edition of this game also comes with a soundtrack featuring these tracks. Most of the dialogue is cheesy (as expected), but quite well voice acted and translated to English. Base command communicates status updates to you via the speaker in your DualShock 4 controller, which is a really nice touch.

Awesomeness: Let’s be real: Four hot bikini babes in a gore soaked zombie-slaying game is about as awesome as any young man can ask for. We seriously hope the gaming ladies among us get their own Onechanbara game with semi-naked dudes doing their thing. That way we all get our fair share of cheesy gaming eye candy.

These girls have a unique way of painting the town red.

Final Word: Gotta admit, this popcorn game was much better than I was expecting. Combat is much improved since our last visit to the series. It counters the natural repetitive nature with new characters, unlockable combos and weapons, more special moves, engaging boss fights and selectable missions in a variety of locations. It’s still playing catch up with visual texturing and the level detail is woefully lazy, but it’s definitely fun with solid replay value and plenty of goals to fight for.

REVIEW: Onechanbara Z2 Chaos IceCube

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