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REVIEW: Until Dawn

Summary: From the very get go I sunk comfortably in the horror movie vibe. This survival horror game seems like every other cliche teen horror slasher movie, where you scream and swear at stereotypical students getting into dangerous situations. But this time YOU control what happens to see if you can survive the night.

Concept: Eight high school friends head up to a remote cabin in the woods for a vacation, but alas, it is also on the anniversary of the mysterious death of two of their close friends. The horror story is about a serial killer stalker who picks you off one-by-one, and comes with high school stereotypes and love triangles that any teen slasher movie would be proud of.

American Pie 15 was about to take a very horrible twist.

Graphics: It features some of the best graphics I’ve seen to date on the PS4, up there with The Order: 1868. The graphics are layered with high-quality textures and lighting effects to present some of the most realistic characters I’ve seen in a game. The camera angles are carefully selected to bump up the tensions and gives it that “movie feel”, but they take a little getting used to because they change so suddenly, which sometimes makes it hard to control your character and you end up walking back and forth.

Gameplay: You explore as eight characters throughout the game, making key decisions that will decide their fate. Some choices are timed, while others are quick time events. A butterfly icon appears on the corner of the screen if you’ve made a decision that ultimately changes the outcome of the story, which made me think, “Oh crap, what have I done?!” every time. To access your phone you need to swipe across the DualShock 4 controller touch pad, and at one point you also have to remain perfectly still without moving the 6-axis motion controller, synonymous with holding your breath so the killer doesn’t hear you. It’s little things like this that submerse you in the game.

Bongo the clown had seen better days.

Sound: The creepy sounds are great and layered with background effects, characters voices and ambient noises. Even the introduction music feels and sounds like a blockbuster movie. Music makes or breaks a game for me, and from what I’ve played it definitely has that tension or heart racing music moments played at all the right times.

Awesomeness: Come on, who doesn’t want to test their survival skills against a killer? We’ve all had that gamer moment of, “Could I survive this?” Well, lucky gamer, you can now find out!

“Seriously Jane, this is no time for yoga.”

Final Word: If you can handle the scares, this game has a lot of replay value. I like how your choices can help everyone survive or have most of your party killed in a matter of hours. This definitely feels like your favourite horror movie come to life, so do you think you can survive?


REVIEW: Until Dawn Migsy

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