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REVIEW: Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below

Summary: When you mix the story and aesthetics of a Dragon Quest with the action and the hack ‘n slash gameplay of a Warriors game, you get Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below!

Concept: After choosing your primary character, Luceus or Aurora (and renaming them if you are so inclined), we start in a town where monsters and humans have always gotten along, during their annual festival. You see a hooded evil looking figure and suddenly all the monsters turn evil and start attacking everyone! As two king’s guards, you fight your way to your King (who turns out to be a bit of a ripped bad ass) and try to figure out what’s going on. Having a massive dragon fight early on is a pretty epic start to this adventure. Off you go through other lands, trying to save the world from monsters and discover who’s causing this chaos.

Our heroes.

Graphics: The style is a simplistic animated look which, while not amazing, is enjoyable to watch. The different monsters add lots of variety and there are plenty of places to explore. Some of the attacks are impressive and my only real complaint is the sometimes dodgy lip syncing. I can’t help but think slightly more detailed characters would have been nice but it might ruin the style intended.

Gameplay: It plays like a beat ’em up with magic and various attack options. It has plenty of RPG trappings: from items and spells to leveling up your character. The fighting is addictive and going up against waves of enemies of all different types is really fun. And there are sooooo many monsters in the waves of enemies attacking you, it’s quite impressive to have so many on screen at once.

Wow that breath is the worst!

Sound: You can choose either English or Japanese voice acting. The English actors have definite English accents which I found endearing. They do a pretty great job and since the game is filled with humour, it all fits in well. The music is excellent, very much what you would expect from a JRPG and very cheerful until you’re in a battle. The let down is, as usual with a JRPG, there are alot of places where text is used instead of voice, which is a bit of a bummer.

Awesomeness: This game is all about the battles and story so fighting all the new monsters and having characters from past games join your party and getting to play them in battle is what draws you in. Each character plays differently which adds variety for sure. Your little monster friend Healix is a cute sidekick who makes puns along the way and can heal you up in fights. As you progress, you gain monster medals from the monsters you have slain for use in protecting your team and defeating enemies. This is a nice little feature and having your former enemies fight on your side is satisfying in a Pokemon type way.

Maybe I don’t wanna go towards a fire whirlwind.

Final Word: I came to this as someone who had never played a Dragon Quest game, Final Fantasy being more my style. I have played some Dynasty Warriors over the years but am no expert. However, this game rocks. It is just plain fun to explore and button mash through hordes of fairly adorable monsters. This one is much better than I thought at first glance and if you have any interest in beat ’em ups / hack ‘n slash style games or JRPGs, this is an excellent mash up of genres.

REVIEW: Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below CJay

Score out of 5 bugs




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