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13 Stupid Questions: Just Cause 3

We caught up with Game Director of Avalanche Studios, Roland Lesterlin, to ask him 13 stupid questions about the upcoming game Just Cause 3.

Q: What is the biggest explosion you’ve seen so far?

A: We (exploded) this giant spherical fuel tank and I was like, “Make the explosion bigger”. So the effects and physics guys figured that they would go too far as a way to convince me that it’s far enough. The explosion broke the build, it was so big! Everything else near it just crashed. It was huge and mushroomy and awesome and you had to back away from it to take in the scale of the shockwave. I was like, “yeah, you’re finally near where I want it”. They were like, “We should have never showed him that,” but they made it work!

Q: Is the story going to be serious or silly?

A: It sits on the side of an action-comedy. It’s not gonna be a serious story, I mean, if you can grapple people into a wall it would be weird if Rico was very serious all the time. We tried to make it a character-driven story using real characters who are flawed and hopefully have a bit of depth to them. They have humor and I think that some of the best humor is people who are under stress and still able to make light of each other. It’s like real characters in a surreal world.

Q: So how would you describe Rico Rodriguez’s character?

A: Until now, I think he’s been a bit of a shell, just a puppet of the player. He still is, to a certain extent, but now we can give him a bit more of a voice. When creating his character I thought a lot about growing up with all those 80’s action stars and all the great one-liners that Arnold Schwarzenegger said. It kinda fit perfectly within Rico’s world.

Q: Who is more likely to achieve global domination first: General Di Ravello of Just Cause 3 or Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers films?

A: (Laughs) I think Di Ravello is a brilliant chess player, this guy sees a hundred years ahead. But Dr. Evil? He has a way of surviving everything. Di Ravello would be a bit more violent than that, his ambitions are bigger than himself, whereas Dr. Evil has already got a world dominating machine. I think Dr. Evil is a little further ahead because he’s already got the global evil organization to run.

General Di Ravello has some catching up to do.

Q: Does Rico have building or travel insurance?

A: I would assume there must be some kind of health-care program from the agency office. The US doesn’t offer a ton of health care options so it probably digs into his pay cheque a little bit.

Q: So where does Rico get his cash?

A: He worked for the agency for a long time and I’m sure when working with all of those black markets, Rico was not a saint. There’s probably a few underhanded dealings that made a little money in his life. He has access to a lot of weapons, so you’d think that would be worth quite a lot of money. Also, when Dictators are deposed, there’s usually quite a lot of cash left floating around and maybe some of it disappeared into Rico’s bank account.

Q: Were any developers harmed in the making of this action-packed game?

A: I’m sure some would say yes (laughs).

Q: …Are we talking about mental or physical damage?

A: Well, both. In the mo-cap (motion capture) there were devs who had to put on mo-cap suits and throw themselves to the ground multiple times and simulate getting shot. I’m sure there’s some small injuries that came in there. There’s also been a few passionate arguments, but the team is good, it feels like a tight-knit team with a family feel.

“This brochure offers a free grenade with every weapon purchase.”

Q: Did any devs get to road-test a wing suit for that “authentic” feel?

A: I’ve jumped out of planes a couple of times and I’ve always wanted to wingsuit, but every parachuter I’ve spoken to says, “You’d better be damned good at parachuting before you try wingsuiting because it is very, very dangerous,” which makes me kinda want to do it (laughs). Some of our devs have raced cars before and we have some ex-military on the team.

Q: Once a structure is destroyed, does it stay destroyed?

A: Only the things that are part of the player progression stay destroyed, but things like bridges an gas stations and red barrels… they’ll respawn a distance after you leave the area.

Q: Is there any penalty for killing civilians?

A: Just your own dark soul (laughs).

Q: What are the police and lawyers doing while you run around blowing s**t up?

A: The police have been overrun. General Di Ravello put the military in power and forced the police to leave. As for the lawyers? (shrugs) Meh…

Q: Since you have a grapple hook and can technically do Scorpion’s “Get Over Here!” move from Mortal Kombat… Can you also do Fatalities?

A: (Laughs) I guess it depends on what you think is a Fatality. I guess you can plant an explosive on someone’s face, or reel in with the grapple hook and fly-kick someone off a cliff. It’s all about how creative you feel like getting.

“You promised my pizza delivery would arrive 10 minutes ago!”

That’s it for our stupid questions! Thanks for being such a good sport, Roland! Just Cause 3 is out December 1st on PS4, XBO and PC.

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