Published on February 16th, 2016 | by Kingy

Impressions from the Hitman beta

Hitman is a series I haven’t really gotten into, and with the series sort of rebooting itself after the events of Hitman Absolution and simply being called Hitman for the new title.

So playing the Hitman beta this weekend was a unique experience for me. The beta was also unique from a narrative stand point taking place 20 years before the actual full release version of Hitman. It’s where you meet the agency agent 47 works for and meet his handler Diana.

As somebody who is unfamiliar with the characters of Hitman, the beta did a good job of introducing newcomers to the world and characters of Hitman and got me generally intrigued in the character of agent 47 and will definitely pick up the full game when it releases.

The beta has essentially 2 mission where the agency has setup mock assassination contracts for 47. One set in a fictional Sydney port where you must assassinate a notorious thief. And another mock mission where you have to assassinate a soviet spy chess player.

The levels themselves are open and have dense crowds. The game prides itself on having many ways of completing a single contract. For the soviet spy contract, I could have simply shot my target but instead, I rigged his escape jet fighter ejector seat. Once I donned a workman’s uniform and got my target to do a safety check and ultimately ended in his spectacular death as he shot of into space.


The full game releases episodically starting on the 11th of March, 2016.



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