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REVIEW: Far Cry Primal

Summary: A first person action/adventure game set during the primordial era of the world in 10,000 B.C.E. You play as Takkar, a Wenja hunter who is the only survivor of a sabertooth tiger attack on your hunting group. You then discover the land of Oros, which is modern day North America where you must gather up the scattered Wenja tribe.

Concept:  Essentially, if you’ve played a recent Far Cry game, it’s what you can expect from Primal. You’ll be spending your time gathering resources and hunting animals to upgrade your weapons and gear, so you can more easily take on the enemies of the game; the enemy being the Udam who are also cannibals.

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” Whatever you do, don’t drink the chunky blood.”

Graphics: The game does look fantastic when your taking in the scenery and during story cutscenes. However, when the game is in motion, the visual fidelity drops to a grainy blur. The colouring of the screen also changes from the soft orange glare to a light blue, hurting your eyes occasionally. Hopefully this can be resolved with future updates.

Gameplay: As I said before, it’s a Far Cry game. Except in this case you have less weapons; which does do a good job in accurately representing the time period your in. For the most part you’ll be relying on your bow as your main weapon, you do also have access to clubs, spears and a sling. The spears especially when thrown have some nice weight and punch to them, making hunting beasts really satisfying.

However, I think we’ve reached the point of saturation for the “Open-world formula” that Ubisoft has popularised over the years. The map is covered with side activities, which to some maybe considered a good thing. The problem is when you start to question there significance, why do I need to collect these painted hands, why do I need to light bonfires, is there really no one else in my tribe who is capable of doing any of these tasks.

The game itself is just filler. I look at the map and I don’t see fun, I see menial tasks that have no purpose or worthwhile context to justify me walking across this huge map. It is only later in the game that you can get mounts that makes trekking a bit faster, but only a bit.

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” My valiant steed, Fufu Cuddlypoops. “

Sound: To give credit where credit is due the sound design is superb. The natural sounds of nature that echo around you are truly spectacular. Clubs have crunch and arrows rip through the air, even the animals have good sound design. The voice acting is great, especially when it’s spoken in a made up language to be representative of people from that era.

Awesomeness: There is fun to be found here though. Riding on the back of a wooly mammoth is so much fun, and popping head shots with your bow makes you feel like the perfect marksman of all time. The beast master ability is also neat, sending in your wolf or tiger to attack your enemies while you sit back and chew on some meat is quite a sight to see.

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” Ohhhh, who’s a good wolfie. “

Final Word: If your a fan of the Far Cry series, no doubt you’ll like this game. However, the design formula is showing it’s cracks and it’s embarrassing to see how long they’ve been recycling the same gameplay elements (*cough* same map as Far Cry 4 *cough*). Honestly if your interest doesn’t lie within the time setting of Primal then your better of skipping this one and doing something more productive with your time.

REVIEW: Far Cry Primal Kingy

Score out of 5 bugs




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